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Columbia Unversity, NYC, April 1985

…In late August, the panel returned a result that confirmed the student’s position — that divestiture was not only the moral option, but an economically viable one as well…

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Just found these pics of the inside of the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.

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The culture of the Internet?

There are times when internet culture feels a bit like a beach.

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Supporting the EFF

So I support the EFF – and you should too

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DHH says #cloudExit

So DHH has been musing on #cloudexit – the notion of abandoning expensive cloud services in favour of something a bit more bespoke and, well, cost-effective. The idea of trimming down expenses by 60%? It’s compell...

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From the nation - fuck you

Cleaning my desktop came across this poem by @daisielanewrites

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Push #govuk protokit to render.com

Version 13 of the kit has guidance on how to publish your prototype online - this page mentions:

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Help a mum and dad...

So clearing out the hard drive and came across this jpg.

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Tears for Northumberland:-(

On the morning of Wednesday, September 27th 2023 the Sycamore by the wall saw the sun come up as it had done for hundreds of years.

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Looking after things we take for granted?

So have been following Dave Winer for years, but recently he’s been pushing these super important morsels. Not sure best way to link to this (especially he he gets no referral data…) but here goes with a Mastodon ...

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Carney gets it right

Mark Carney was speaking at the Global Progress Action summit in Montreal last week.

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The house is empty

So it’s Monday morning and the house is very quiet.

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La piscine a Colin et Chloé

As odd experiences go, this evening is pretty strange. I’m sitting on the roof of the pool I learned to swim in. The sun is setting on this capital city. A few streets away I can see the roof of centre court of a ...

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Building a boat from tree felling to launch in 7 years

I started Googling resources about building wooden boats and came across the Acorn to Arabella project. I was fairly immediately hooked, and am posting here simply to say they’re amazing people and that a boat tha...

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Kayaks and canoes

So after moving to Scotland I found myself buying a Canoe. Over time, this has led to me spending more and more time on the water and camping on beautiful Scottish islands. This was never a plan, but just an accid...

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Have products gotten worse during the decade of the Product Designer?

So have been thinking about how design is operationalised in business and in particular what product design as a discipline has been up to these last few years.

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Their lives are more important than ours

So Mum and I both tested positive the day after Boxing Day.

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Personal data not so personal any more

In theory, under compliance with GDPR, companies that store your “Personal Data” (see https://gdpr-info.eu/issues/personal-data/) should handle it to a certain standard, including deleting it when it is no longer ...

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Assumptions in product design

So I’m not saying all product designers build on assumptions, but many do.

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A letter from Grandad Jed

As you know kids, Grandad Jed goes through life with a sketchpad shoved down the back of his trousers. Over the years his collection of “Jed’s Red Books” has grown, and occasionally, he sends a photograph of some ...

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What did I learn in 2020?

I may be experienced, but I learn something new pretty much every project I help out with:-)

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Bringing the customer into the room

So I was recently talking to a colleague about the amount of human capital that is wasted as we fly through projects, coming up with great ideas, putting them on the board and moving on to the next challenge. I’ve...

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Manfrotto single arm 2 section plus goPro

So I finally got the old goPro working. Turns out an SD card that fits in the slot can mess up the way the camera works. Who knew, silly me;-)

Testing a workable alternative to a dry-suit?

Special 6 Shirt A design classic developed with the Special Forces. Tested over 30 years in the most hostile conditions. Used by Military, Police, Mountain Rescue Teams.

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Where should service designers be focusing?

It’s only when you get the whole picture, you can fully understand what’s going on.

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Should I build a vision canvas with my stakeholders?

Recently, I’ve been hearing some variation of the following statement quite often…

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This is Exactly How it Happens, and It’s Happening Here.

How much experience do you really have with authoritarianism? Any? If you’re a “real” American, you have precisely none.

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Calming influences

I’d forgotten about this walk I took with Steve back when she was wee. Very calming slo-mo. Nothing happens but it’s pretty. I should set it to Ravel or something;-)

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Interesting 2011

OK I finally got my pictures from Interesting downloaded.

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Fishing for plastic bags in boat made of plastic bottles.

Plastic Whale is a movement of people who love doing, creating, making progress. We firmly believe taking action is a positive step forward. What happens next is not always certain, but that’s part of the fun!

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The Week in Pictures

Missed the slideshow last week. The internet has been busy and some of the Trump ones are pretty good. Feel like these things had a lot more impact once upon a time…

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Wednesday evening on the Forth (5 miles)

Managed to finish work on time on Wednesday. Nice thing about living in Scotland is it stays light later in summer. Looking out the window as I write this at almost 9pm the sun is still in the sky.

Mr Floyd's last words

I saw this picture on Twitter and I wanted to remember, so I typed Mr Floyd’s last words.

What the Catalina boot volumes - eclecticlight.co

How did I not know about https://eclecticlight.co?

Archival? No, not really...

So way back when, I fell in love with photography (or being a photographer?) and built a darkroom and started using my dad’s SR-T303 (black body, lots of brass showing through, mystical “passed” sticker…) eventual...

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The Week in Pictures

This week have been on new project at work with almost no down time, so only picked up a few pictures. One of them is a poem by Helen Woods, aged 12.

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Happy birthday Kevin Kelly

Over the long term, the future is decided by optimists. To be an optimist you don’t have to ignore all the many problems we create; you just have to imagine improving our capacity to solve problems.

The Week in Pictures

This week has me confused by the exchanges on Medium between David Spiegelhalter and Michael Levitt not least because they’re both geniuses who can’t bloody well figure out how to use the comment system on Medium ...

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Trump Lies People Die

So this is trending on Twitter #trumpliespeopledie

I can't smoke but I could buy myself a silly hat

Yes, I really want one of these.

Photoshoot from pre-history

With all this stay-at-home coronavirus thing going on I’ve started cleaning the loft with Nicki. Recent batch of old pics included these shots in an envelope…

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Are you better off than you were four years ago?

What sucks about this is Ronnie delivered more debt and more inequality than anyone had managed before. With his invitée Margaret (Thatcher) really moved neoliberal ‘trickle-down’ thinking into the conservative ma...

When the Free™ really aren't

There will come a time when I no longer find myself getting depressed about the behaviour and beliefs of the American People every. single. day. and I can write and think about other things for a change.

Happy Birthday Brenda...

So #QueenElizabeth, my Dad was a scout at your coronation and his family has felt you close to them over the years, starting with your broadcasts during the blitz (he was in Golders Green then) and continuing over...

Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford Uni stringency index

The UK Government’s response stringency does not change during the time between under 10 to 100 cases.

Are home-sewn cloth masks becoming a thing?

The United States Center for Disease Control is publishing instructions with sewing patterns to produce homemade cloth masks

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Something soothing and pleasant for a Friday afternoon...

So I saw this on twitter and had to grab it. Nice picture:-)

Image files that start with 'M'

rediscovering an /images/ directory on a backup drive with almost 20 years of internet stuff continues to give me a bit of wonder. Continuing my random selection, here are images whose first letter is “M”…

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Pointers for the next White House presser...

Mr. President, are you saying Nancy Pelosi or indeed the Editor of the New York Times carries the primary responsibility for the safety and security of the American People?

Dear fucking lunatic

So this thing popped up on Twitter. The letter was attributed to Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee but the scan has a Craig Alan Wilkins as the author. Either way, I thought it would be better as text so crawlers could hold...

My first job in digital.

At the time, my job title was “Web Designer”. I guess things have evolved a bit since then:-)

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The Week in Pictures

Another tough week. Some good news for some people but numbers of dead still climbing inexorably and the vacuum at the top still making a coordinated global response almost impossible.

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Travis Downs - Adding Staticman Comments...

Debugging Staticman using this fantastic write-up how-to

Take, don't give. A short conversation about fighting a killer virus...

This thing by Luke Andreski just popped up on Twitter. In the spirit of remembering things in a slightly longer form, I’m keeping the link here.

IFoughtTheLaw369... IS BACK!!!

Back in 2009 I linked to a fantastic cover of Police Truck by a young woman posting Youtube videos of her playing guitar with Dead Kennedys playing in the background.

Larry Brilliant 2006 TED talk on epidemics and how we stop them

The TED embed code doesn’t seem to be working for some reason so here’s the video on TED.com

Cathy O'Neil comments on COVID-19

I’ve been running numbers in my head and trying to keep up with the WHO data files on Github but everytime I start mocking-up a visualisation I stop and wonder how true all of these numbers are?

New York Times, 27 March 2020

This cover of the New York Times really jumped out at me, the bar on the right is the number of applications for unemployment.

Old pictures

Still digging through the old Donkey images folder. I’m guessing half of these ancient pics don’t have a post associated with them anymore seeing as I’ve broken the canonical URL at least twice in the Twenty years...

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Stevie the wonderpup and her friends

Having just been prompted to share pics of Stevie on Linkedin I thought I’d better pop a few on here.

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Balenciaga Fall Winter collection at Paris Fashion Week

Just wow. This show just popped up on France24. The collection was presented in a post climate disaster scene, broken stormy skies, floods in the arena and the first few rows of seats inaccessible to the usual a-l...

Mashup joy, this is NHS meets a DKs classic

Just came across this bit of amazing on Twitter. washyourlyrics.com is just such an amazing idea:-)

Generation Why

Just came across this interesting point/counterpoint post by Patrick Di Justo on the values of generation Y as applied to organisational structure

Happy birthday Mum

So today is Ruth’s birthday.

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Margaret Calvert

So have just noticed Chi Onwurah’s tweet about #InternationalWomensDay2020 where she brings up the contributions of Ada Lovelace and Katherine Johnson and am struck by how empty the house is:-(

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IR35 Part Deux, The Hunger

So have just received my first ‘mock-paye’ payslip (aka inside-IR35). My first question is down to the wording; what is an “applicable company deduction”. I ask because I thought you were saying my company wasn’t ...

In running a consulting business,

Referencing references

Just walked past an optician in Soho with a poster for Michel Henau glasses in the window. Love these mashups of 60s and 70s French celebs with Japanese names (Deneuve = Namaste? not sure how that works but I smil...

Saying "No"

I spoke on a topic that’s become very near and dear to my heart in the past few years: saying “no”. It might be saying no to a project or job, or even something that you think you can’t say no to, but finding th...

First week of riding Brakeboard - video review

So I hacked a short video review of the Brakeboard truck and wheel kit (version 3.5) together last night. Quality’s a bit rubbish but perfect being the enemy of done etc. so I’ve just uploaded it. Key product deta...

In the joy of rediscovered longboarding,

The Amen Break and happy Hogmanay

Checking your phone on Hogmanay eh? This piece from 2013 on the amen break just popped up in my twitter feed via openculture.com and got me thinking of challenges ahead (I also love the fact that the talk is a dis...

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Alliance Francaise

Grandad Jed sent me a photocopy of an old Art Directors annual showing an award for a pro-bono TV ad Y&R did for the Alliance Francaise back in (I think) 1970.

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The general election, 8 June 2017

OK Kids, the election is this Thursday. Your dad has been discussing the issues on Twitter but he’s found that some things are hard to explain in 140 characters. So here in long-form are some things your dad belie...

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Saturdays with no fencing

Saturday with CU-1–we saw many things this afternoon.

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Article 50 was triggered today

OK kids, it happened today. The PM (Theresa May at this point) triggered Article 50 by formally delivering a letter to the EU (pictures of bloke doing the delivering in all the papers). It’s a 2-year process, this...

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Science vs bigot smackdown

Just seen this amazing post on Twitter. The 140 character limit means it’s a screengrab so I thought I’d transcribe it as this is definitely one I want the kids to read:-)

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Today Treacle died

There is just nothing more pathetic that the little "missing" poster taped to your neighbourhood lampposts. The last time I printed up a poster like this was for Darcy, Nicki's first cat in our home...

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Shoutnews Content Marketing and SEO

Glow Audio Voice One self-assembly

So I’ve lusted after a Glow setup for years. Love the Glow One amp and figured I’d need a pair of the very beautiful Voice One speakers to go with. Unfortunately, they’re a bit pricey for a whim and with shipping ...

SONOS wants my NPS rating?

SONOS keeps asking me to participate in NPS surveys. Today I thought I’d share my feedback.

Are we really going to blame all our problems on immigration?

Here we go again? I know thinking is hard, but why are we so easily tempted by lazy reasoning?

If a Daily-Mail-reading fifty-something doesn't establish a narrative quickly, Europe is going to implode:-(

So the way I’ve been writing in Jekyll means I name the post before writing. I titled this one Europe needs a new narrative before Googling around and finding this initiative. Looks like an interesting effort but ...

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CU-1 and Stevie doing the selfie thing in the garden

Yeah it’s all getting a bit cute but thought I’d keep this selfie CU-1 did with Stevie the wonderdog. As an old curmudgeon I’m not super thrilled with the amount of make-up CU-1 is insisting on using but I have to...

Friday the 13th and nothing has gone wrong. Yet.

This series by Hoyo (Hoyo Gran Epicure) are rolled and then stored in Cuba. I think this one was rolled in 2003 and then stored for official release in 2013. Really special, a lovely long and mellow smoke.

BIMA Hot 100 2016

So sooner or later these things happen to you. On the one hand it feels really creepy. On the other sort of cool and fun (and I hear BIMA throws a really good party).




Ben just sent this pic from Ireland.

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Getting serious

OK he’s getting good at this now, no need to buy diner tonight:-)

A fishy tale

So HEF caught a fish today (and yesterday) he’s really getting into the swing of this fishing thing:-) Here’s the scene in jed’s kitchen:

So this fight for digital freedom stuff actually works -- -)

Remember that petition we all signed a few weeks ago? Well, it looks like the numbers were big enough for folk with a seat to lose in the US congress to take notice:-)

Time to help the EFF again

Got this in the mail from the EFF today:

So HEF is learning to skate -- -)

The little stake rats are coming along nicely. Just picked up a longer deck for HEF and he’s loving the cruising thing. Many thanks to the lovely people at Liquid Motion in Exmouth who took loads of time and even ...

BCS Talk—Empathy as the defining driver for good ux

Did a talk last night at the BCS about what makes a great user experience. High point of the evening, I showed my mental notes cards and did an experiment with the audience to illustrate anchoring & adjustment...

Code club

So HEF did his first code lesson today!

Barnet whiplash

What the hell is going on around here?!? First I get thwacked by a car and end up in ICU, then Nicki’s Mum has a stroke and then she’s back in an ambulance today with CU-1 giving herself whiplash on the trampoline...

Wireframes v prototypes yakety yak…

Have recently followed a couple of discussions along the lines of “wireframes are dead” touting the cure-all properties of prototyping (like this or this). I love and use both methods depending on client and produ...

Cat signal time again

President Obama and other leaders are meeting in Asia right now to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership - a deal that threatens to censor your use of the Internet, kill jobs, undermine environmental protections ...

The Dr Who experience

So HEF, you won’t remember this but when you were wee you were totally obsessed with Dr Who. You begged and pleaded for what must have been ages for Nicki and I to take you to the Dr Who experience in Cardiff (a t...

Durufle Requiem

Wow, you don’t see your daughter on-stage at the Royal Festival Hall everyday…

Hunger Games art direction

CU-1 demanded we watch “Catching Fire” just now and I was reminded of a thought I had while watching the first film in the Hunger Games series. The frame above is taken from “The Hunger Games” and happens rights a...

What does an R1200GS Adventure look like with 4 wheels?

I started riding motorcycles as a kid (Motobécane bien rouillé et la Peugeot 104… ahh mobilettes de mon enfance) but my parents wouldn’t have it.

Palace-to-Palace 2013 -- Woo-hoo all done -- -)

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Palace-to-Palace 2013 -- 7 days to go

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Palace-to-Palace 2013 -- 15 days to go

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Palace-to-Palace 2013 -- 21 days to go

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Buddhism (Good Morning Vietnam)

Cronauer: She spills soup all over you, looks at you like, "Eh, I'm sorry. What are you gonna do about it, asshole?" What would you say to her? They spilled something on your pants. What would you do? Wilkie: I do...

11 March 1934

Well, it’s the 11th of March again, Mom’s birthday. She would have been 79 years old today.

In our story,

The things Nicki does for love

Had to post this, amazing what Nicki does for the wee-uns. Tomorrow is come as your favourite book character day (well, World Book Day) and the above is the raw materials for a Hermes costume:-)

Woody Allen

Behold your Dad’s best Woody Allen expression (yeah, not convinced either).

School days

CU-1 on tender-hooks yesterday as councils were due to send out emails at 17.30 with news of secondary school places. Just noting this down here for CU-1 (which was the original point of me writing all this stuff)...

Scale comparison of common longboard decks

This is so awesome. One of the things that drives me nuts at longboard shops is how hard it is to compare relative board lengths. The comparison is made trickier as it’s not just the size of the deck it’s also the...

In the joy of rediscovered longboarding,

Maximisation isn’t

Wow, sure I love Jason as much as the next guy but this really really resonated…

Thank you Shorter-Rochford

The Avanade Palace 2 Palace team at the start on The Mall

11 -- 11 -- 2012

So last year I was able to post Fred’s letters from the trenches. This year I thought I’d remember Aunt Polly. She had four boys: Eddie; Frederick; Richard and Artie.

Kasper the friendly GHOST

I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to do a doctorate. Spend a few years deep-diving into an intractable or obscure problem… Well this just came in the mail this morning:

It’s amazing how quickly your entire life can collapse

I’m finding it hard to raise funds for the Prince’s Trust and part of it is that Americans see the “Prince” in the title and assume the money goes to the Queen… Here’s the story of Craig, a young person whose life...

I bought your product. Now boss me around.

Having just finished a big SAP UX project, I’ve been thinking about how large software vendors typically (I should say historically as this is beginning to change) transfer risk and pain to the end user. Here’s an...


Saw this question on a forum and had to answer:

Whetstone to NC12 and on to Stevenage

27.63 mi Road Cycling in London on 15 Sep 2012 17:57 and more rides in London, United Kingdom on MapMyRIDE. Find ride

Meet "Paperplayer" a new approach to mp3 playing

Have been playing with quirky.com so here’s a concept to get us started. It’s called “Paperplayer” :-)

The future is apps you don’t open

It centers around the idea that apps shouldn't force us to add new behaviors. Instead, they should strip away needless, interruptive steps from themselves and the way we live our lives, until the solutions to our ...

Incredible things

Incredible and beautiful things created by (wrenchmonkees)[http://wrenchmonkees.com/monkees.html]


Super-useful stuff http://hublog.hubmed.org/

2 June 1953

On 2nd June 1953 my dad had just turned 18. He was a Queen’s Scout, and attended the coronation as part of the “Scouts on duty at Coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II” effort. I was trying to find some items that m...

Grand Prix de Monaco

Team Lotus - 2012 Grand Prix de Monaco

European standard EN1176

“Look at me Dad, I can run up the slide”. Well done, Hal! nice moves:-) I can’t remember the last time I was in a park with the kids. Mostly it seems we’re dropping off or picking up from viola practice or Enjoyab...

In our story,

The Doctorow Aberration

Not a Ludlum novel in my case but the remarkable effect of one retweet by mr @doctorrow. Looks like a 7-point hike in a day.


So it’s #IWD today and I’ve just received an email from Kiva. I’ve been sending spare cash their way and investing in smallholders. The link at the bottom is designed to attract new investors. This is a process th...

4 O’clock boost

Thank you Flat White

Sois jeune et tais toi

Had company drinks last night and met a nice man from France.

Al Green on 125th Street

OK, call me a lefty ideologue who laps up whatever nonsense the Democrats put out but I’ve been watching the Romney v. Gingritch thing and I just don’t understand how these massively un-presidential types think th...

Dear Lovefilm, please fix your VOD proposition.

Dear Lovefilm, thanks for taking the time to compose such a thorough response explaining what you are doing with your customer proposition.

Versailles part deux…

OK so just a quickie as I take in Today on R4…

Are TV shows the latest social objects?

I worked on a project called “Fanbases” last year, a project to build a publishing hub that would allow brands to place themselves in the centre of relevant, fan-driven conversations.

Open-source manufacturing gets real

Invert the polarity of the neutron flow! from Morten Hjerde on Vimeo.

Mornington Crescent

CU-2 never ceases to surprise me. The other morning he corners me and demands we play his new game he’s just invented. He spends at least 15 minutes explaining what dots mean and how you rub random bits out with y...

In our story,

Filed under things I didn’t know about the Royal Mail

Wow, it’s a voyage of discovery… Turns out the post office (RMG for royal mail group) runs a ginormous logistics operation in the Netherlands (it’s called G.L.S.)

Unbelievable recruitment crazy nonsense

Recruiters continue to amaze me. This just came through on a list I follow.

What does Daddy do all day?

CU-1 and HEF are always wondering what dad does all day. Well, the lovely Ian over at Internet Retailing just sent me this pic of him asking the questions at the recent IR Etail expo at the NEC.

SF to Paris in Two Minutes

SF to Paris in Two Minutes from Beep Show on Vimeo.

Group buying (redux)

I know it’s a little embarrassing, but what’s the point of having ideas if they have to stay locked up in a drawer…

Should I commission more strategy work from agencies?

Should I commission more strategy work from agencies? This item cross-posted to Goodlookslikethis Dug’s work blog


Print nº007 - Riders & Villains

Small world (Leeds United, 28 May 1975)

So I took a cab to #GSJLeeds yesterday and the driver and I got talking.

In our story,

Overheard in Boots

Pharmacist: Have you renewed that prescription, do you know how to do that?

CU-2’s pirate ship

Once upon a time manufacturers actually manufactured stuff. This thing is amasing, it has hundreds of little parts (down to carrots and dueling pistols and a plank to walk) a crane that moves, canons and jolly rog...

Group buying

The daddy, Groupon, trading since 2008

Loving my new Mitas E10 tyres -- -)

Kevin at http://www.sbwmotorrad-bmw.com recently fitted some Mitas E10’s to the GSA. I think I may have been his first customer to go with these hoops so he sent me an email a couple of days ago asking how I was d...

Gen-Y goes shopping

Lovely infographic from getsat (Get Satisfaction) re Gen-Y purchasing behaviour:

Modern Marketing - Blog by Collaborate PR & Marketing -- Shiny Shiny Syndrome

James has a great new post on the management of innovation in business and the obsession with the new. He calls it Shiny Shiny Syndrome


Thinking some Hemel Visual and UX folk might enjoy designjamlondon.eventbrite.com tickets go on sale at 13:00 today (in 6 minutes)

Recommended by Which but not so Cooperative?

Our car insurance is coming up for renewal and we’ve just received a letter from the Cooperative (co-operativeinsurance.co.uk) stating they won’t consider renewing our insurance because we had a claim (wife slo-mo...

A competition for typography-lovers

(Indices from H&FJ’s fabulous Whitney font)

Actions speak louder than advertising

Awesome deck from razorfish:

Stuff we need to crack

Didar Zowghi from the University of Technology in Sydney writes:

Is Google’s design process broken?

Really interesting article on the Google un-design process by the guy who writes on design for Fast Company:

Good content needs to really stink

Or “have scent” in the words of Jared Spool

Is Europe behind or just different?

This from Techcrunch on e-commerce

Facebook landing pages -- play it or nail it?

So here’s an article on Facebook landing pages

Cool Workspaces

This is a blog post containing some of the author’s favourite workspaces, and there are quite a few there that look kind of awesome (using a slide to move between floors? I’m game).

A list of everything cool

A list of some of the coolest objects on the face of the planet. http://trendthing.posterous.com things from glasses to mood mugs and cars to plasters.

360 Escher

When I read Tim’s post on the Budapest panoramic I searched for the image to add a lovely png to his post. Unfortunately the image site asks you to download Silverlight and I have a personal policy on Air and Silv...

What does "build cheaply" mean?

This is what it means for old spice


Love this sequence of photographs from a bunch of people doing interesting things with new technology.

DRM and Interoperability

Loved this piece on DRM and interoperability by publishers Enhanced Editions

My yearbook - not

Eh ben on a pris un pot avec Anoop et mon voisin m’a pris en photo avec son iPhone 4. Voila le résultat:

Our first foray into user testing with live participants

In the spirit of Rob’s earlier post I thought you guys might find a test report interesting reading. This morning, Debbie, Louis, Mohammed and Dug piled into Mohammed’s car and headed down to Hemel High Street. De...

Something nice from John Maeda

Fairly good dose of wisdom on a regular basis:-)

Health & Safety, 1963

Wow, Dad just sent this through, that’s me and my Mom sitting in Firebucket Dad’s MG somewhere in San Francisco (I’m guessing that’s the Golgen Gate Bridge in the background).

Let's all make some vids...

So tell me Dug, how do we sell things? from dug falby on Vimeo.

CSS3 gradient tool

Not ready for production just yet but i thought this tool looked pretty interesting:

21st Century parenting

Love this, an absolute classic from Dan:-)

This message is for everyone in the customer experience team

If you’re reading this, please make sure the people sitting in front, behind and just generally all around you have also read it.

iPhone book

OK, today I finally cracked. Because I’m an idiot I can’t work out how to pull our phone numbers on the Blackberry. I can search for a person but I only get the Hemel extension number which I can’t click on to dial.

Customer dropouts in our purchase funnel

Hi All, DavidW sent a message ‘round with some thoughts on the Dixons delivery screen. Metrics are indicating this step in the purchase process triggers lots of abandoned baskets.

Dyson gets social media wrong?

This from tweetie and the brain an interesting look at how Dyson is speaking to customers with Twitter

Arty-farty designer

Quite liked design is just making things line up too:-)

Bad Dug

Sorry all, I was mucking around with turning on comment subscription and broke the comment template. Have mended it now.

Hockney watermarks

Love Hockney’s dances with technology and commerce… Don’t know if any of you have played with the Hockneyizer application (loads of fun) which is based on his work with the SX70 Polaroid format in the 1970’s (this...

Thought I’d try a different template…

I think the other one was prettier but this one has more stuff activated. Decisions decision;-)

My first letters-through-mailboxes session

I’d love to know what got me started on this thing…

GiffGaff negotiating their value propositions with customers

Have been thinking about how brands need engagement systems built on dialogue and transparency (and risk-sharing and access to commercial data) and had a bit of a smile this weekend as I’ve just activated my new G...

On the topic of emails

I use a service called campaignmonitor to send emails to clients and prospects (well, not now of course) and they do a really great job of keeping the ideas flowing. They write articles about emails that worked pa...

This was posted from the iPhone ui

Ok that is kinda cool…

Women who blog

I know there are countless “blogher” spinoff sites out there but this is our scratchpad so I figured I’d add them here…

Hide your search interface

The big Visa widget at the top has the shape, drop-shadow design and position of a search input box. This one kept trying to convince the auto-pilot part of my web users brain that I should click on it.

Very search interface

I recently tried out the @verynetwork web store to get a feel for what retailers are up to these days. This store is run by the same company that redeployed Woollies as a digital pure-play but doesn’t have the bra...

Gardening beard

One of the fun side-effects of not shaving for a few weeks is that you get to give yourself a funny beard before shaving it all off:-)

Is this an April Fool’s day thing?

Talk about what makes a great customer experience… My O2 iPhone has been down for four days now and no amount of calls to the ‘support’ line and emails to the help-desk seem to make any difference. If I can find t...

Stopping the Digital Economy Bill

Or at least lets make sure the darn thing gets a proper debate in parliament. The bit that frightens me most: Big Copyright getting the right to disconnect my daughter from the internet. I wished I had been record...

Ruth’s memory tree

We buried Ruth in clearing Jobbles Wood, down in Devon near her home. In the days before the ceremony people came together to decorate the area with plants and things made from the trees. One item was an apple tre...

In our story,

Ruth’s celebration, Sunday March 7, 2010

Ruth’s celebration was held at Salem Chapel East Budleigh, Devon, on March 7th 2010.

Ruth’s photos on Flickr

Thanks to all the folk who are sending in wishes. I need to apologise for not getting back to you, I don’t get reception in Budleigh on my work mobile so communication is very patchy. We’re saying goodbye to Ruth ...

Mom’s scrapbook, Thanksgiving 1963

Actually, while this one was on Mom’s shelf, I reckon the items where mostly collected by Dad, but nonetheless, I found this page quite moving

Why would you want to work at the beeb?

Look around your office, now imagine being a part of this massive redesign

Get well soon Grandma Ruth

CU-1 has recorded a song for Ruth who is unwell and is stuck in a hospital ward in Devon.

Wordpress themes

Ha, I keep getting comments on this one. True though isn’t it:-)

His oover’s in the loover

Tarnations, last I heard this song, Tom barged into a Futurism seminar and played the song as his class project (more than two years ago)

Your Parents Were Awesome

Been thinking a lot about my parents this afternoon… Came across this great shot of “Mike” on http://myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com. The site says it all Before the fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts, your p...

Big guys doing bad things to little guys

On the left above, some lovely work available for sale on Etsy and on the right, a tote bag for sale at Paperchase spot any similarities?

terreform 1 -- homeway

Fluid suburbs with houses that walk to work:-)

RFC822 Address (a bit of tech nonsense of a Friday eve)

Ahh looks like the old MT vs. Wordpress flame war may be heating up again. Not a fan of the bitching and defo supportive of Project Melody initiator Byrne Reese’s attitude that the Melody crew needs to keep to a p...

Can I just quote Stephen Fry on Stephen Jobs please?

Everyone is quoting the really great stuff from Stephen on the importance and likely reach of the iPad but after following Lynetter’s link I was struck by a different part of Fry’s text

The other side of a shiny new coin

The Free Software Foundation has been running the defectivebydesign.org campaign for a number of years now, so it’s no surprise they set up a protest camp outside the Yerba Buena centre yesterday.

Skimmer building some social currency for Fallon

Just installed Fallon’s Skimmer app and as much as I’m uncomfortable with the Air platform I’m really enjoying it. They set out to achieve a few simple goals and have pretty much succeeded.

Hillary Clinton on internet freedom

Love these comments from Hilary Clinton as they rekindle my belief that micro-markets, micro-credit and micro-insurance supported by converged, federated and mobile networks will have an increasingly large role to...

They work for you

This cracked me up:-)

Software patents vs. collaborative creativity

This latest example takes the biscuit. I have read several documents produced by a number people inside and outside of the mobile industry that clearly describe the service or one just like it. Also, Nokia, Craigs...

Hey, I had a good idea on the way into work

I forget who said the that the best way to have great ideas is to have many ideas but I can tell you, I’m not particularly stupid but I can remember most of the great ideas I’ve had–they just don’t come knocking t...

John Resig says -- "Google Groups is dead"

This post isn't so much about the usefulness of mailing lists as a discussion medium, it's the complete failure of Google Groups as an adequate purveyor of public discussion software. For the jQuery project we're ...

Brainstorms and thought showers

Nicki first mentioned the “thought shower” thing to me when she was working at the BBC. At the time I thought it was both a bit amusing and a bit disapointing–another example of political correctness going crazy…

Able Planet Clear Harmony NC200 foldable headphones

So I got an email from a pr in the states before Christmas asking me if I wanted to try out a set of noise-canceling headphones and having heard a lot about active noise-canceling but never having experienced the ...

Apple’s 10 Dumbest iPhone App Rejections

Not sure I 100% agree with the attitude but yeah… 10 dumbest iphone app rejections This first one got me. Banning satire does seem like an early warning of unpleasantness to come.

Your move, Apple

love this from @jonprice

Moving from "I like this" to "I’m buying that"

An upbeat view on the year ahead from James

The year of the customer?

@edent just sent me this video from Domino’s…

2010 Vibrations -- Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda

Well it looks like Caitlin Zaino is up to more rockin publishing for 2010.

Scottish advent calendar

Nicki sent me this last week, cracked me up… I think this may have started here

Desi says -- "HP computers are racist"

Wow, astonishing… Thanks dabitch

Achievement and motivation

Adaptive Path’s Andrew Crow on peer generated achievements in Halo 3:

LED traffic lights don’t melt snow

Franco just sent me this utterly wonderful example of what happens when design is divorced from context-of-use:

le mouton enragé is back in business

BulkRegister was the last major U.S.-based pure-play registrar in the market. Its acquisition by eNom marks the end of an era in the history of domain names and the Internet as a whole. (more info here)

An implausible use of wireless bandwidth

Love this Guardian article by Cory Doctorow. It still amazes me that mobile operators spend fortunes trying to put the customer at the heart of the business but don’t follow Cory’s simple suggestion that giving cu...


One the things I find most wonderful about type is that the typographer invests the sum of human experience into the tiniest, most trivial form. Never mind using tools and language, what makes us special is our ab...

superfluid - the liquid economy

Superfluid is great:-)

Via Frank

Love this

Dug’s 2009

apparently :-)

Good Idea! -- Man Submits Drawing Of Spider Instead Of Payment For Overdue Account

Fantastic! I reckon with seven legs that spider was easily worth 240 dollars:-)


Just came across this tweet and it made me grin. I’ve already forgotten which particular video it was, but with HEF and CU-1 increasingly using the computer, there’s got to be some kind of lesson there. HEF is oft...

Flea Market Montgomery

Fer, our star groovy Android developer just recommended this as a key research resource for marketing our new trading platform. Mmmmm…

MAGMA La Légende du Siecle

Wow, I’m speechless, and get a load of those necklaces:-) YouTube - Magma La Légende du Siecle, French TV, February 26th 1973. Sort of reminded me of Helen Marques’ band, “GPS” which stood for “Global Pulsation Sy...

Wikipedia more beauty in nonsense…

Heather pointed us at Magma’s page on Wikipedia. I loved this disambiguation notice just as a fragment of culture in itself:

Edward Frederick Falby

Well CU-1, well H, the time has come again to think about Edward Falby. The googlemaps StreetView doesn’t go down Lewisham High Street so the above image is the closest I’ve come to his memorial in his home parish.

Typekit lives -- -)

Amazing news, well done to Mr Messina and co. Now can we please all stop trying to log in at once!

So tell me Dug, how do we sell things?

Have recently experienced some really crazy shit and got thinking that most of it was due to a lack of empathy. Retweeting Russell’s earlier vid reminded me of the little recording I did for a workshop on selling…...

Agency pitches and user experience design

A nice man called David tweeted me once with a link to a video of Russell Davies talking about interestingness, size and creativity. In the video, Russell refers to a project I did a couple of years ago for Birdse...

2012 Scenarii


How to lose customers with Flash and Flex

So here’s a use case I thought had gone away years ago… Nicki is driving, Dug’s riding shotgun and the kids are in the back. We’re all trying to squeeze in a quick flooring purchase to finish CU-2’s room today bec...

One billion dollars a month

Never mind the pithy and insightful piece on yet more examples of why all bankers should be shot, this has to be the funniest comment I’ve seen in ages:

Gmail -- What’s been keeping the Gmail team busy

Just noticed the flashing red more Labs! new new new! link at the top of Gmail. I’ve sorta stopped checking recently, bit of innovation overload… but this sucker is fantastic.

Actions speaking louder

Just got a ping from Greenpeace in my inbox:

Schoolkids to assist with propaganda

Another chilling article on the RIAA over on the EFF website:

publicknowledge.org on copyright

Some nicely written thoughts on copyright over at publicknowledge

The old solutions have become the new problems

Shoshana Zuboff is an ex Harvard Business School professor with an ethical take on the need to focus on partnerships with customers. She calls this “The race to I-Space”

More things I didn’t know

Until right now I had no idea that:


</embed>Untitled from Jim Callahan on Vimeo.

Is Apple too powerful?

Interesting article over at mobileopportunity

Been learning about evil things today…

For those of you not on Twitter, today has seen Alan Turing become a trending topic. This is in response to a published apology by Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister. I’ve just been sitting here dropping tears on...

Value exchange and P2P currencies

Great piece on the WSJ blog on P2P currencies

AppleInsider | Bandwidth-guzzling iPhone called "Hummer of cellphones"



Listening to my Gainsbourg playlist and was reminded of Overseas Telegram and got to wondering

Another link to the hughtrain

I frequently receive emails at work with reports that measure the value of brands (likely to involve voodoo and pixie dust, but makes a good read). Happily my employer seems to do quite well in these listings, but...

More value in the conversation than in the Powerpoint

A university professor describes the educational experience in terms of value creation. What do residential college students require to get the most value out of classes and how does the experience compare in valu...

Tee-shirt-worthy quote of the day

Just love this from You are Sleeping

Eames on design

David sent this through on Sunday. I didn’t manage to read it properly until this lunchtime…

IP from 2001

2001 wasn’t just an interesting year in space. I just came across some stuff from the distant past that still resides in a dark and abandoned corner of the interweb. It gave me a smile as it resonates with we’re t...

Diesel in DUS

A colleague just sent this image around

Police Truck

Saw this and it made me happy. You go girl:-)

Encouraging quote of the day

Ethan Nicholas, on his iPhone game “iShoot” and why it’s a good idea to make a free version:

Citizen Engineer

Yeah, I know, it’s another engadget retweet but I just love this thing.

Goodbye London

A nice man called Luke Jackson sent me the following email:

Why I love being a Eurostar "Carte Blanche" traveller

From the Eurostar frequent traveller website


Just having a casual chat with one of the guys in Dusseldorf about our lab boxes and he points out:

User generated coffee


Fatcontroller on simple sabotage

I spotted this post back in April and got a chuckle

More power = more cookies

The unstoppable Johnnie Moore is at it again

Mobile phone evolution dolls

Wow, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone’s portfolio and had to stop to soak it all in.

Tinkering as a way in to the social marketplace

Currently working on social marketplaces (ad-hod associations) and came across this interesting piece over on experientia’s blog (actually, it links to vodafone’s receiver). Interesting stuff, we’ve been thinking ...

Paal Smith-Meyer

Just had the most amazing chat with Lego’s Paal Smith-Meyer (see wired article on Mindstorm project)

Open Innovation and Intellectual Property

John Wilbanks on yesterday’s NESTA event. Gotta say, I left I was BUZZING. John’s talk was real shot in the arm, he describes collaborative markets in biotech where heterogeneous networks are built to buy and sell...

Energy, in the right direction

These words from David Bausola really resonate as I navigate my way around Vodafone internet services…

More fun with Zopa

(the following sent to Zopa helpdesk)

What is co-design?

Been thinking a lot about co-design recently and came across this lovely animation by Think Public

Caterina.net -- Hunch!

I just love it that Caterina hasn’t changed her blog template since the dawn of time:-) And now the imperatrix is up to something new and of course exciting…

It’s a very very short story

Props @marshamusic for pointing to @veryshortstory

Shel Israel is ‘tweaching’ tomorrow at UMass Dartmouth

The unstoppable Shel Israel continues his journey of immersion and involvement through social media:

Hello Cufón goodbye sIFR

Wow, finally a sensible-looking alternative to sIFR. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve used sIFR all over the place and I love it’s type-handling but dang, those variables are pointless. Pretty much most of the ‘adj...

Firms Seek Profit in Twitter’s Chatter - WSJ.com

More on the imminent Twitter ‘Pro’ accounts.http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123793945676332341.html

Widgets, widgets, widgets

If ever proof was needed of the impending world domination of widgetisation, here’s a beautiful pic of Yahoo’s widgets-on-your-TV platform apps

David OReilly Animation - Please say something

</embed>Please Say Something - Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Fun from the cloud?

Just came across this BBC article on OnLive sounds like the cloud is delivering…

March 25 2009. Document Freedom Day

Yes siree bob it’s that day again, document freedom day

Is London heading for a "Summer of Rage"?

Well, if we keep alienating our inalienable rights we could well be heading in that direction. This from a comment on Cory Doctorrow’s excellent Boingboing post (gosh i haven’t linkled to BB in aaaages) London imp...

Microsoft Announces SuperPreview for IE Browser Testing | Webdesigner Depot

So I maintain a pile of Windows disk images to test sites in the nastiest of environments. Ever since we switched to targeting standards, I no longer need to test in every permutation of OS and browser but I do fe...

HP on the benefits of open

From news.bbc.co.uk

Replying to Tim Brown. Destroying an industry is not the same as destroying the value it once enabled...

Interesting piece by Tim Brown on the migration from an economy of consumers to an economy of creators. He mentions a few of the casualties that are likely along the way, one of them being the record industry.

Big copyright

My favourite quote of the day:



Jeff Jarvis on the great restructuring

Great piece on buzzmachine re the evolution required to the ways we live and do business in the face of the current mayhem:

There are days when the internet makes my heart swell

There are days when the last ten years feel like time well spent. Let’s keep the pressure on and let’s keep it beautiful


H has just pissed all over my laptop bag.

Mozilla and Skype support EFF case for iPhone jailbreaking

I know I bang on and on about this stuff (go on, you know you want to support the EFF) but the more I follow the news of the FSF and the EFF’s progress in the American courts the more I feel like a new deal on cop...

Transparency, Facebook style

The Facebook charter states:

Comments on Donkey

Well, don’t want to bore you with the details, but the comments weren’t working because I had built Motion to use a particular url for the admin (I didn’t want the trailing “/mt/.cgi” in the url.

An impermanent telephone

Love this green handset concept from greenergrass

Weekend child-care

Well Nicki said “entertain the kids” so CU-1 took that to mean “let’s put paint all over Dad’s face”. Not a bad tiger. Or lion. Or…

In our story,

Life-work balance

I was just about to shutdown and head hamewards when I noticed this fab iPhone app, a game by designers for designers. Don’t know if the game is any good but I loved this comment from Craig Thomas

SKYNET RESEARCH » Mobile Aerial Ground Support (MAGS)

Kudos to Special Ops Media somewhere in the freeworld (5th avenue). They’ve just arranged for Skynet to contact me inviting me to participate in a robotic design competition. The Skynet website says it all. This i...

CSScaffold by Anthony Short

I've been working on my own type of CSS framework lately. When Shaun Inman released the update to the Server-Side CSS Processor last year, I jumped on the bandwagon and made a layout plugin for it, which then turn...

Bill’s swarm of mosquitoes

How did I miss this one…

Your api. Our infrastructure.

What a beautifully succinct way of expressing quite a complex system :-)

Passenger vs. Richard Branson

A quality letter of complaint is a thing of beauty :-)

When did 802.11x become the balkanisation protocol?

Bloody hell, never before has my trusty Powerbook spotted such a richness and diversity of wifi connections. And not one of them gives me connectivity :-(

A suggestion for President Obama’s next banking bailout

So I’d been watching money as debt trying to figure out how much of it was accurate or relevant and then the credit crunch happened.

Cooperative Brother

Overheard on the train this morning:

Did you make this favicon ?

So in the recent flurry of template and CMS tests, tweaks and plays (going from MT3 stable with the kiss82 template through mayhem and currently running the unstable Motion beta of MT4.25 since you asked…) I grabb...

links for 2009-01-09

Social Entrepreneurship - Change.org the "Nine Inch Nails Theory of Entrepreneurship":


links for 2009-01-05

Helitech - Headset Services Limited Headsets for pilots in noisy cockpits or... annoying open plan office phone conferences (tags: hd280, hmd280, headphones)


links for 2008-12-19

DOPPLR: Add trips by Twitter required string to add via twitter (tags: dopplr travel)


links for 2008-12-12

YouTube Chromeless Player Example page fun with the developer api key :-) (tags: chrome chromeless player video youtube)


blackbouler -- définition, synonymes et conjugaison

Je trouve quand même étonnant que le dico internaute propose une définition du verbe “blackbouler” sans en expliquer l’étymologie anglaise.

What’s in a pot?

Darn, I’ve just this second dropped the last of my beautiful Salins-les-Bains coffee bowls:-(


More interest in the BT forums

I seem to have inherited, largely by accident, a largeish contribution pool of disgruntled BT customers. Many of them comment with the phone strapped to their right ear, commenting on how many hours they spent on ...

Discovery is the new cocaine?

The ever-groovy Mark (@redeye) links to this funky service. I’ve just received my D from Twitter and apparently it will take ” Mr. Tweet would take roughly 4.4 days to be ready to serve you. We know this sounds lo...

Business transformation,

Countdown to Nokia

Well, this is one way of becoming an internet business ;-) So I wonder what those clever chaps at Nokia are up to?


links for 2008-11-27

London Videoconferencing Room: dedicated video conferencing facility for hire in central London (tags: vc) Eyenetwork : Search for a Video ...


links for 2008-11-21

Farmers And Farming Quotes: Famous Quotes on Farmers And Farming (tags: farmers) Sustainable agriculture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...


links for 2008-11-20

The History of Architecture Gaynor Aaltonen | Architecture Books | Books Ireland | Books Online (camerafone pic of St Stephens Walbrook)


links for 2008-11-19

International Farmers Exchange for Mutual Learning = Privatisation of knowledge and seeds | Natural Resources | International Institute for Environment and Development ...


links for 2008-11-17

Bank of England|Statistics|Statistical Interactive Database|Official Bank Rate History When is a tracker not a tracker... (tags: birminghammidshires)


links for 2008-11-14

LinkedIn: Harald Lamberts Harald's profile LinkedIn: Willem Boijens Willem's profile


links for 2008-11-13

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Handy outline of the bin sbin var etc directories (tags: unix nfs freebsd darwin)


links for 2008-11-11

All Resources Search Results more falbys (tags: genealogy family gendoc)


Tufte strikes again

Well, I don't do Lowest Common Denominator Design.

Say hello to the experience-value map

I recently had a QA on Linkedin with a guy who asked:

Business transformation,

links for 2008-11-07

Blue Anvil Journal » Blog Archive » Wordpress development techniques #2 - Fetching RSS feeds with wordpress Good Magpie tutorial (tags: rss wordpress magpie tutorial) ...


The Overdub Tampering Committee -- Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Oh thanks Mark this is just wonderful on so many levels :-)

Election haiku by Nicki

Air quivers with possibilityPunch chadNew presidentPunch air

Election 2008 | powered by Twitter

Man this is something, the twitter election feed which uses a script to update the stream (see election.twitter.com) is now scrolling almost continuously. I’ll bet that’ll hammer a browser or two…

Fortis -- IFA life sales and commission system

Fortis: Life, pensions, investment products

iPhoto cameraBag

Lolo 1962 Helga Ansel 1974 cinéma</table>

CU-1 la creatrice de mode

CU-1 has been busy blocking out her Halloween costume. I’m a bit amazed, she drew the hat, the skirt and the cape and is now working with her nanny to make the costume. I’ve seen an early attempt and it looks just...

In our story,

This Suburban Housewife Has To Break Party Lines -- Goodbye Hatred « Jessica Gottlieb

Wow, a great voice from the republican side explains how hatred can run away from you and how Palin is fanning the Reichsparteitag flames…

links for 2008-10-13

Manhattan Shell for Sale* Vacant*Foreclosure - new york homes for sale - backpage.com (tags: new york city nyc buildings)


links for 2008-10-10

ElectroVirtuose - boudoirprofane's blog - A Boudoir Philosophy - Skyrock.com la vie était un festin, s'ouvraient tout les coeurs, tout les vins coulaient... ...


How come a jillion-million dollars doesn’t seem to be doing the trick?

The problem would appear to be the small issue of the fraction in the fractional reserve system or in other words, the difference between the amount of real money the US government has to hand and the amount of mo...

links for 2008-10-09

"That One" 08 - John McCain - Barack Obama 08 Gordon Bennet, a music video (tags: thatone) That One T-Shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, bumper st...


Orange RockCorps - social capital generator or surface-only branding?

Just saw Tim’s piece on the Glasshouse blog on Orange Rockcorps and understanding the value of the social capital.

That one?


links for 2008-10-07

Hack the Debate // Current this looks good :-) (tags: obama election2008)


Palin makes me feel like a baby seal

Just had lunch with Palin on the box.

links for 2008-10-03

Print The Truth so I've got the link handy (tags: election usa)



I learnt a lovely new word today:

BBC News egging the pudding a tad?

OK so the news late last night was pretty horrific. Yes, we’re all setting up barter economies and I’ve started planting vegetables, but the thing that really did it was the BBC art department.

Did he really say this?

Frankly, it's easy for me to go to washington and be somewhat divorced from people's day to day challenges--John McCain 9/11/08

Henry Paulson’s transparent shell game

Have been catching up on US writers recently, and having just come into the office to discover our parent company is to be nationalised, I’m hoping those sleepless senators listened to voices like Joseph Stiglitz

links for 2008-09-25

'Alan Knight on the wiki way to stakeholder assurance''Johnnie Moore on the limits of social media'


Do I laugh, shiver or vomit?

Dirty Secret Of The Bailout: Thirty-Two Words That None Dare Utter

The Peters projection on Googlemaps

I’m repeatedly amazed at how Google maps manages to generate an accurate overlay to satellite photography. I wonder is the photography manipulated in some sort of matrix to make its xy coords mathematically predic...


links for 2008-09-16

Facebook | 1,000,000 Strong Against Sarah Palin Come on, you know you need to join the "say no to Palin" movement (tags: usa election palin) ...


How to sync your iPhone OTA using rsync

Well you can’t, or at least I can’t:-(


links for 2008-09-11

Graphic Novel Reviews—American Widow and Alan’s War Gotta make sure jed sees this - it's La Guerre d'Alain translated into English:-) (tags: BD jed art) ...


Google -- bête et méchant

Have just got off the phone with Ohna and it seems that Google/Youtube’s behaviour is even more absurd than I thought…

Not Evil Google tramples my sister out of convenience

Well it used to be Big Oil or Big Business but we really are seeing the emergence of Big Copyright

Online VAT registration

So my accountant tells me I need to make sure and complete my VAT registration. Don’t worry he says, you’re an internet consultant so you’ll have no trouble…

links for 2008-08-21

Developer's Guide - Google Chart API - Google Code Gordon Bennet this is just fantastic! (tags: charts, maps, apis, graphics)


Movable Type 4.2 is here (and well worth the wait)

Wow, I thought I’d be playing with RC5 for a while before getting the final release but no, the real thing is here. Go grab yourself a copy

O2’s adventures in electronic customer self-care (ECSS)

OK, I think O2 wins this donkey’s current “Edge du Jour” tag.

It’s survey time again folks

Yes, the A List Apart guys are running an improved version of the survey they did in 2007. It’s good to feel one’s industry is maturing, it somehow helps when trying to make plans for the future:-)

CU-1's shiny new Lamy ABC fountain pen

CU-1 has been learning to write these past few years and I was buying stamps at a stationners in Farnham when I came across this pen. I first heard it mentioned by Richard Binder and since then have thought it wou...

In our story,


Well I’ve been running the iPhone plugin for movable type for a while now but had never used it in anger.

Wordpress v. Movable Type

Disclamer: We’ve had a bit of an ongoing debate on this one with Anil fanning the flames as he tries to support the MT cause. I should disclose that I’m a member of the Six Apart Professional Network and also a 6A...

Vikings v. Aliens

So Charlotte wants me to spread the web2 love re ex-classmate Dirk Blackman’s new production Outlander and why not? (that’s our in-house Viking H on the big-boy climbing frame over there on the left for our family...

In our story,

This is the modern world

You know it doesn’t get more cutting edge than this. First, after much stress and waiting, I jailbreak my iPhone and go in search of hot software. Great, open, free liberating productivity apps here I come and lo,...


Glasshouse gets into personal branding

I’ve been trying to get Nick interested in personal branding after listening to @garyvee at Seed3. Gary made a bunch of interesting points and got me thinking about how Nick should develop on her work so far as a...


Eat updated

I think the nice man who went in search of my Identity theft woes last week would have liked me to update my previous post.

US Court forces Google to release your private history data

Please immediately tell this person (details updated, thank you Peter)

Jason on sick hospitals and Carlos’ comment on collage

So still no Seed3 notes eh? I’m struggling a bit because I filtered a lot out and on balance didn’t really pick up anything practical that I wasn’t doing already…

Avignon quiz

Couple of weeks ago I was on hols in Avignon with the whole extended Falby clan and we all wrote games for the evening’s entertainment. Margaret, Nicki’s mum came up with a devilishly difficult Balderdash (I knew ...

In our story,


Well, it’s taken a while but I’ve finally worked out what it’s like to work with the .NET Framework


More on 0870

Having just this second whinged about O2’s charge for calling 0870 numbers, a comment has just come in on an old say no to 0870 post from March 2005.


iPhone floppyware 2.0

OK so it’s now Stevenote - 7 and my iPhone is stuck in an imap loop and when I turn it off it reboots instantly. Of course plugging it in and clicking “restore” (which theoretically wipes your iPhone and restores ...

Unusual behaviour

Well, I’m going on hols with Nicki and the bairn-gang for a week and have decided to not bring my powerbook.

links for 2008-05-21

Movable Love - a showcase of interesting and beautiful sites powered by Movable Type handy list of mt sites (tags: mt) Cakes and Ale things to eat in Chicago (tags: chicago seed) Hôtel des Arceaux à M...


Microsoft and facebook

Scoble wants us to link to this

links for 2008-05-14

diso - Google Code like I haven't got enough to keep on top of ;-) this looks v. interesting :-) (tags: collaboration community blogging apps technology microformats identity networking plugins programming se...


links for 2008-05-09

RichardsPens.com • Fountain Pens by Richard Binder the May basket. mostly sold so looking out for June! (tags: fountainpens fountain.pens ink pens writing)


links for 2008-05-08

Swedish Stag Night Prank - Swedish Party Joke Weekend Skipper Ideas Do Pranks Sweden more intriguing nonsense from Alex... (tags: stagnight stag sweden swedish prank)


What’s the worse that could happen?

This just in from Billy:

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PESTLE analysis, tool, marketing, PEST analysis, SLEPT analysis, STEPE, ETPS, SWOT, pestle tool (tags: planning business) Where On Earth Is Waldo? I love the larger-than-life googlemaps pointer :-) (tags...


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IBUPROFEN DOSAGE (FOR FEVER AND PAIN) - Lucile Packard Children's Hospital CU-2's cooking again and I forgot to weigh him recently... (tags: fever, nsaid, ibuprofen) IBUPROFEN (MOTRIN, ADVIL, PEDIACARE FEV...


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OAuth: Getting Started - Part I Loving OpenID but wishing for something a bit more enterprisey with added security (tags: microformats mashup identity networking opensource privacy programming reference socia...


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INVDR fabulous typographic experiments. Jonathon is an art student in Ontario (tags: type typography, technology illustration robots helvetica, gallery design art fun)


Future of Web Design, London 2008

Well, the afternoon was pretty good too, but with a dead powerbook battery and no charger I ended up sending commentary via Twitter.

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W-i-d-e-U-R-L.com thankyou @scobleizer (tags: @scobleizer tinyurl)


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Free UK PAYE Income Tax Calculator 2008. Updated for 2008 / 2009 budget. Useful (tags: tax taxes IR35 contracting)


Blast from the musical past

Have started using the old ipod again (8G on the phone just doesn’t do it) and bumped into this:

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Quake 3 hits the iPod touch, makes for portable LAN party - EngadgetOh my yes, oh yes oh yes :-)(tags: quake gaming games ipod iphone game) Heading East: Lies I’ve told my 3 year old recentlyCU-1, y’a des trucs...

d me

Recently, on my tweet feed:

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Your personal wiki. | StikiPad. yes, it's yet another wiki host. This one kudosed by the 6a design guy... (tags: blogging blogs blog service services social socialsoftware software mt)


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Segala (tags: accessibility blog mobile web2.0 WebDesign online web)


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Groundswell (Incorporating Charlene Li's Blog): blogger's code of ethics (tags: blog blogging blogs business code corporate ethics guidelines journalism) s5l8900:pwnage [iPhone Dev Team] I love it that th...


Bob Lutz is going for the brass ring

Wow, you know, I don’t normally read Bob Lutz’s stuff over at the GM FastLane Blog which is odd because I quote the blog to clients all the time. Just took a peek today and saw this:

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THE MEDIA BUSINESS: Advertising; No Winners in Lord, Geller Split - New York Times On Thursday night, employees and alumni of Lord, Geller, Federico, Einstein will meet at Mr. O's to reminisce about the advert...


Boris couldn’t make it

So Billy got tickets to the Timeout mayoral hustings at the UCL union tonight.

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The Guardian ditches Phorm | The Register (tags: evil) Seed Conference | Chicago | 6 June 2008 I'm so going to this :-) And check out that beautiful use of Times Roman (tags: times, times roman, coudal, d...


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ProNet Vox Community Group on Vox (tags: mt)


Charging for wi-fi?

The DVD format is a fiasco born out of a desire to control the way customers consume the products they buy.

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mysql training course - creating tables in mysql - mysql create table command - mysql select database I so need a mysql course right now... (tags: upgrades blogging mt)


Thanks David -- -)

A nice man called David tweeted me yesterday with a link to a video of Russell Davies talking about interestingness, size and creativity. In the video, Russell refers to a project I did a couple of years ago for B...

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OpenSocial - Google Code (tags: api apps collaboration community data design google mashup javascript network networking reference ria socialsoftware social software standards tech web2.0 webapps widgets xml)


Hello BT engineer

Hey, we’ve just had a long and very informative post from Matt, a Luton-based Openreach engineer. I hope this really is an engineer speaking and not some perverse item from a ‘guerilla marketing’ agency subverting...

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RFC 1925 (rfc1925) - The Twelve Networking Truths ahh memories... (tags: networking network web internetCulture Internet_Culture)


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How To: Speed Up Sleep Mode on MacBooks (tags: macbook sleep hack)


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Glitchee (tags: music gravatar) independence - Google Code (tags: activation apple apps code installer iPhone mac osx reference sim unlock tools)


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iPhone Dev Center (Updated) (tags: technology software iPhone) Java examples (example source code) Organized by topic (tags: javascript resource code)


CU-1 passe son examen de ballet

OK ma p’tite puce je te souhaite bon courage pour ton examen :-)

In our story,

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The Best People Search Tools: Find Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Social Security Numbers (tags: privacy) Granma (yacht) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: fidel hastalavitoriasempre) The Saul Bas...


Things I’m missing about France

Well, this morning I’ve noticed a couple:


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Peter Callesen Not sure what it is but it's sure purty (thanks Thibaut) (tags: art fun)


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Presidential Hopefuls Spending Little On Web Ads. Why? Social Networking. Though the battle for the Oval Office is turning out to be the most engaging in recent history, online ad sales for the campaigns of Ba...


Apoa shoots CU-1

So CU-1’s cousin Apoa is learning Photoshop in art class:-) Check out this montage she asked CU-1 to sit for.


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Dutch boffin calls RIAA expert 'borderline incompetent' - The INQUIRER Oh yes, oh yes: "With what can only be described as a good dose of Dutch courage, Delft University's Assistant Professor Johan Pouwelse, d...


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Channel 13 staff absolutely no idea what this is all about but check out these fantastic employee portraits from the seventies (found on a search for persona inspiration) (tags: personas 70s)


iPhone syncing

Question: why does my iPhone not sync automatically (or even manually) with with my Powerbook via wifi when both are on the same network and iTunes is running (hell, why isn’t their a syncd process running in the ...


Dialogue, access, transparency

I’ve been following the birth of the Tesla roadster and this morning Scobble twittered his test drive in the first production car with the company CEO. Things have really been moving along and the Tesla Motors web...

Zero value

Get ready for a crackdown on broadband use

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mydeco pretty :-) (tags: online retail) Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade bit more chick... handmade goods (tags: online retail) ITSMYFAVOURITESHOP.COM LIMITED credit report and a...


Nuevo spammio

Well well well, a new kind of phishing has landed in my inbox. Just when I thought the relatives and colleagues of intestate central african millionaires could show no further bounty, I am now being showered with ...

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MySQL crib sheet with the most frequently used mysql commands (tags: programming reference mysql db)


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Opinions Libres le blog du type qui à produit le super bilan sur ces 2008 Mondovino : achat de grands crus à prix ajusté et vin de Bordeaux Primeur 2006 (tags: vin)


Knee arthroscopy

So I’ve now had the pleasure of being slid into an MRI and in a few minutes, a man called John Hardy (my trusty orthopaedic surgeon) is going to regularise a tear in the meniscus in my right knee (thank you TMW so...


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Logo Design Love more logo niceness, this time prompted by an email from HTF anouncing their fabulous new slab serif (tags: logos identity design)


A really, really interesting story about bluray v. hddvd

Woolworths stores to stop selling HD DVD | Reg Hardware


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Best Brands of the World- vector logos, logotype, brand, logo Thanks to Alex Moore for pointing me at this one. Nope, Alex it wasn't the one I was thinking of but this is great nonetheless :-) (tags: colour c...


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A Website about Corporate Identity Love this resource, now if I could only find the link to that Russian guy's site with vector files of all the logos (tags: corporate identity logos logo reference research t...



I just love this shit :-)


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Watch The Streets incinerate their record label | News | NME.COM So Mike is gonna get all co-creative and online. "Record labels are dead" might be a bit of a simplification but if anyone can find a new way he...


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sk8m8 : Finsbury Park Skatepark - Finsbury Park (tags: skate skateboard skatepark) sk8m8 : Lordship rec Skatepark - Haringey (tags: skate skateboard skatepark) sk8m8 : Ally Pally Skatepark - Alexandra P...


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Beats by Dr. Dre great headphone with integrated iphone jack and mic - i want i need them now droool... (tags: iphone headphones)


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[CES '08] Opera Browser Coming To The iPhone (video) OK interesting stuff on Opera on iPhone but check out that Movable Type template. Love the use of buttons for the individual archive previous and next links...


Understanding technology (small rocks float?)

Governments (well, the current UK government) don’t get it. The public doesn’t seem to get it, but large budgets and serious, long-lasting political decisions continue to be lobbied for and won on a partial unders...

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How to travel by train from London to France | By Eurostar & TGV... personally, I like car 1 seat 76 but I think this guy likes the electricity in car 4? (tags: eurostar train france) Seed: Science is ...


New phone number

So hopefully by now you will have noticed the in-your-face red stripe at the top of the page and made a note of my new number (07515661655).

Stevenote minus 5

MWSF 2008 keynote bingo


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2008 - The Year of How? (tags: collaboration value co-creation)


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Thermo - Adobe Labs (tags: ria ide webapps apps interface programming tools) Adobe Labs - Adobe Flex (tags: adobe tools ria programming)


Did we land on the moon?

I love it that The Lecture List is still running (thank you thank you Chris) and that people are still posting this kind of event: Did we really land on the Moon?

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HTML Color Code Combination Chooser (tags: colour design javascript tools code) Art Flutter Banksy Paris mods (tags: art)


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TED Blog: "Paradox of Choice" author Barry Schwartz on TEDTalks CHI (tags: business design Marketing video) Maeda's SIMPLICITY and another, wonderful what you get in your mail... (tags: chi code design e...


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Complainte de mandrin Paroles, mp3, tous ce qui faut y compris la version "gabelle" (pour l'histoire de la taxe sur le sel) (tags: mandrin sel song francais chanson)


Scoble, Facebook and scripting oh my…

Well, I’ve been following Scoble’s tweets today and it would appear his Facebook account was shut down (disabled). facereviews makes the point that this is a good thing in the sense that we do want FB to monitor i...

Subverting from within

So I used to think I was subverting from within. That’s bollocks, of course. David always reminds me of that. I’ve decided I’m not going to work in advertising again, the daily round of social network metrics and ...

The amazing shrinking javascript

OK, so I occasionally hack some bits of Javascript around to see if manipulating bits of the DOM can produce interesting, unusual or accessible interactions… These last couple of years I’ve started looking at fram...


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Chronologie "La Bataille socialiste" nice chronology of the Socialist Party in the form of a Wordpress blog page (tags: ps partisocialiste parti socialiste)


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Fluid - Free Site Specific Browser for Mac OS X Leopard (tags: firefox apps browser webkit safari osx webapps) QIK | Streaming video right from your phone I have wanted to do this since first buying a Symb...


Merry Christmas

Well, it’s not very Christmassy but Nick was transferring photos and contacts to her new handset and in the process sent me this photograph of CU-1 playing in Nicki’s wedding outfit. Shame about the item in the ba...


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Modern Mechanix cosmic ray gun zaps atomic bomber (tags: 1950s art magazine reference science social space technology advertising photos) The Great Bridge at Poughkeepsie (tags: bridge train newyork)


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.::Tempero::. I recently worked with a client who was keen to get his 20k users commenting and spreading the word but didn't think there would be a commercial impact for community management or moderation. My ...


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Cognitive walkthrough - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia an alternative to trad heuristics where "expert" becomes "academic" (tags: ux ucd heuristics usability evaluation) Subscribe to Custom Search Result...


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Media messaging - Messaging - Services - O2 O2 mms-to-legacy (tags: mms tools email mobile)


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Neowin.net - RIAA: Those CD rips of yours are still "unauthorized" ...and there goes my EFF donation, hard at work. If you think the RIAA is stealing value from you (in my case, the value of having my CDs last...


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New Reading List (Grazr) (tags: reader readinglist lists) iPhone/iPod Touch | Resources (Grazr) (tags: iphone apps) iPhone Application Repository (tags: iphone software) Installer.app Beta (tags: i...


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FreeRice well, it gets a bit dull but rice is rice (tags: hunger, wfp, un, game)


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Official Google Mobile Blog: Google on the iPhone: Fast and Fluid yes yes yes yes yes oooooohhhh... (tags: google iphone) Comics - Bokardo UCD humour - nice cartoons, need to send to Amy B (tags: usabili...


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GDrive to Launch Soon? Working in a team that thinks backup and sync are two different things? Know someone who does? Great link for anyone interested in the backup space (even includes a tantalising grab of s...


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If you are American read this (A Donkey on the Edge) Wow, I just reread this, it's a declaration by the US president (not the current one you can guess) about the cost of war and our collective responsibility ...


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What If Gmail Had Been Designed by Microsoft? Oh yes oh yes oh yes... A bit like the iPod packaging exercise, and love those nail polishing tips. And this is priceless: Plus, to increase user lock-in, let’s ...


Paris by strike

07:30 good catch-up meeting with Agathe near République11:30 continue reviewing backup screens with Thomas P near bastill3a large chunk of the afternoon: walking from Bastille to Gare du Nord because the RATP stri...


I’d rather be in Whetstone

(Family thoughts, you tech readers may want to skip this post)


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Foamee no more escaping your round (tags: beer foaf twitter ioubeer)


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floor sanding - Google Maps J P Floor sand... N19 outside.in » The New Outside.in Very nice, a redesign... smart URI handling as well new%20york routes to New_York_NY muy bien:-) (tags: geo geolocation ma...


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tyre rogermugs... whatever that means:-)


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Nokia Music - 'not' on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Yeah Phil, big surprise there... (tags: nokia music)


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Eventful - Events, Concerts, Tickets, Festivals, Kids, Singles, Sports, Music what to do with the Lecture List (tags: socialsoftware opensocial google) BBM (tags: opensocial google) bluepulse.com - the...


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Deki Wiki - MindTouch OpenGarden (tags: wiki) http://www.ourowndevices.com/ Good to see Shozu are still going strong:-) (tags: blog shozu mobile middleware enterprise)


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colr.org (tags: reference style tools web2.0 WebDesign colour technology)


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Telstar Logistics: What Is Telstar Logistics? joyful human engeneering (tags: humanengineering) Deki Wiki - MindTouch and another nice looking wiki that isn't atlasian. It's amazing the diference a bit of...


Government 2.0 has a ma.gnolia group

So missrogue says, for those of you doing work on Government 2.0 (services side and politics side), she has started a ma.gnolia group: government 2.0 on ma.gnolia

links for 2007-10-17

Odd Proxy - Free Anonymous Web Proxy - For School & Work, MySpace Proxy (tags: censorship proxy)


links for 2007-10-16

The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: MashUp (tags: facebook censorship) Facebook Has a Post Limit « president of facebook (tags: facebook censorship) andersk: Facebook shuts down my cow’s account (tags: fa...


links for 2007-10-15

Micro Persuasion: Bookmarklets for the Web 2.0 Jedi Master Must try gmail to gcal when I find a mo... nice list (tags: bookmarklets) Blyk has landed, mobile operators take heed. « .oO Tailwind mmm now all...


links for 2007-10-05

sorties-paris - Bonnes sorties à Paris (electro & indie pop/rock) (tags: paris)


links for 2007-10-01

www.asianfarmers.org | 2005| November (tags: wto) farmersforfuture.com english (tags: wto) APML - Attention Profiling Mark-up Language More on the knowledge sharing infrastructure of the 'attention eco...


links for 2007-09-26

Le cofondateur du Nouvel Obs André Gorz se suicide avec sa femme | International | Cyberpresse Tu viens juste d'avoir quatre-vingt-deux ans», lui disait-il. «Tu es toujours belle, gracieuse et désirable. Cela ...


One I would have liked to witness in person

Complete Video of the SIPA-World Leaders Forum with the President of Iran from the Columbia World Leaders Forum

links for 2007-09-24

User-generated neologism: "Indigenous content". Many-to-Many: thanks to Lynetter (again) (tags: usergenerated indigenouscontent indigenous content)


links for 2007-09-23

Cicely Saunders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: paliativecare hospice) How to Make Playdough (Play-doh) - Instructables Make Cool How To and DIY [category: craft] This oughta come in handy... (t...


links for 2007-09-20

Google Shared Stuff mmmm more niceness from the folk who are nae evil... (tags: google sharing share)


Re earlier post on decommodification

I wrote a little brain-dump on decommodification this morning and have just now come across tom at interesting (different tom) a video from Russell Davies Interesting 2007 conference.

You heard it here first… 2008 is the year of decommodification

What’s that Dug? A new-year’s prediction in September? Shurly shome mistake… Well, this one just popped into my brain so I thought I’d put it down on paper. I think 2008 will be the year of decommodification. The ...

How does the IA stay involved for the whole product lifecycle?

Phil asks an interesting question: open source experience design?

links for 2007-09-17

DNAStream Brings the Joost Experience to your Browser browser-based Joost via the flash plugin (I always like to add that word "plugin" as we forget it is still a plugin and suffers from all the usual pluging ...


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YouTube - Compiz Fusion Development more animated interface stuff - Compiz Fusion in this case. Good track by Manau. (tags: interface music video) ManauWeb - Paroles : Manau - Mais qui est La Belette ? an...


Nokia v Apple

If Nokia were running the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, New Orleans would be 20 feet above sea level by now.


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Airport Cars Taxi in West Finchley N12 – Reviews & Official Contact Details welovelocal.com except it looks like no one in the neighbourhoud has been to the airport yet... (tags: taxi, reviews , review)


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Experimental: ARIA enabled pages: from T.V Raman on 2007-09-06 (wai-xtech@w3.org from September 2007) Interesting snippet from Google re ARIA (tags: wia ARIA accessibility)


More shit on my plate…

As I sit here in the middle of the night orchestrating the organised sacrifice of my current project’s design quality and integrity on the altar of technocratic mismanagement I am amazed and confused, once again, ...


Never mind intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe…

…I have four fivers in my wallet. When was the last time anyone actually had one–let alone four–fivers in their wallet?!

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Visible Technologies : TruView Introduction (tags: influence monitoring social media)


Shut up and let the guy answer the question…

Robert, this is really interesting stuff, shut up and let the guy answer the question:-)

The BT thing is hotting up again

Wow, comments are pouring in on the old is BT still shit? post. One guy even gave an update twice today.

Skype wants to be nice to me

You know, I was gonna comment on the Skype blog Heartbeat (no, not on the bit where if they had decided to use computers equipped with a proper operating system their crash and subsequent total meltdown wouldn’t h...

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dirtybird artists >> Claude VonStroke : DJ/Producer/Owner (tags: music downloads mp3)


links for 2007-08-13

Note Taking: A Beginner's Guide to Mind Mapping Meetings - Lifehacker another mind-mapping explanation


It’s getting crazy in France

Do you work in an office? Look around your floor, on any given day, how many of those sharp-suited and VO5-ed younger people are interns. Or roughly, what percentage of your co-workers are contractors, interns, ap...

links for 2007-08-07

Asbestos Services, Blues Consultants, Asbestos Management, Asbestos Consultancy having the garage checked for asbestos dust (tags: asbestos) Manestream Ltd - Inspection Services having the garage checked ...


links for 2007-08-05

jQuery Taconite Plugin multiple simultaneous responses from a single ajax call (tags: ajax data javascript jquery programming web xhtml xml)


CU-1 fait de la bicyclette sans roulettes!

Well, I didn’t have the camera with me but this morning we put the pedals on the bicycle and CU-1 pedaled away. She can ride a bike, yay!


links for 2007-07-30

FactoryCity » WordPressMU: Making a smart platform choice Chris Messina takes a look at reasons to ditch .Net (tags: community tools)


links for 2007-07-28

jquery.grid.rowSizing tr manipulation in a percentage size table (tags: jquery table javascript)


links for 2007-07-27

InnerFade with jquery nice fader allows for lightbox, slideshow newsticker etc (tags: web2.0 jquery interface ajax animation javascript)


Quote of the day

This has gotta be my quote for the day:-)

iPhone SIM unlock

After DVD John’s first iPhone hack the elusive SIM unlock comes one step closer:-) Neowin.net - Hackers saw through iPhone AT&T shackles

links for 2007-07-19

Table inspector, Fangs and Foxy voice » xhtml | css | Design ...still searching for that elusive online Jaws emulator, could this be it? (tags: accessibility extensions firefox screenreader emulator) elect...


Facebook look and feel

One of the things I’m enjoying about facebook is the complete lack of rounded corners in the interface:-)

links for 2007-07-09

JS-Kit: Free comments, ratings and more... lightweight js comment system - haven't tried it but the guy from Lifehacker uses it on his blog... (tags: collaboration javascript opensource comments) » OUTRAG...


DVD John cracks the iPhone

Wey hey, a sim unlock for iPhone is on it’s way… DVD John has already made an activation server so network-free landscape iPods might be just around the corner…

links for 2007-07-05

So sue me » Blog Archive » iPhone Independence Day pushing for an iPhone sim unlock (tags: mobile hacks iphone software technology tools) Main Page - The iPhone Dev Wiki more iPhone unlocking including an...


Gettin friendly on the Eurostar

So you know how us whitey westerners travel in the tight confines of buses trains and tubes? You know how the position of a foot or a leg, the degree of but-brush and so on can really make a difference in the pers...

links for 2007-07-04

JGoodies :: Java User Interface Design sample interfaces for Backup (tags: backup oodrive) JIDE Software - Downloads - Swing Component Library more backup stuff (tags: oodrive)


links for 2007-07-02

do.Oh on the iPhone on Flickr - Photo Sharing! a to-do list app that not only plays nicely with facebook and twitter but runs as a safari 'app' on the iPhone:-) (tags: iPhone software)


links for 2007-07-01

Daring Fireball: iPhone First Impressions (tags: iphone mobile mac reviews review technology design apple)


links for 2007-06-28

Les bonnes tables sur la route de vos vacances could comme in handy this summer... (tags: food resto vacances holidays)


They are the ultimate gift of love

Last year I built a couple of sites for a guy that I frequently collaborate with. The sites talk about diamonds, the diamond industry and luxury more generally.

More nonsense from BT

More activity on the old Is BT still shit? post. A chap called Carlos has left a comment about his experience with BT and it sounds pretty spectacular…

Things Dug would like his N95 to do…

You know, I just twittered this, but I get the odd S60 developer reading my nonsense here so I thought I’d put the question on the blog.


Cillit Bang is my friend

Mike Butcher points out that new European legislation will make astroturfing illegal.

links for 2007-06-17

Flickr: factoryjoe's photos tagged with pagination another nice collection of Chris messina screengrabs. In this instance we're looking at the rights and wrongs of pagination interfaces... Thanks Chris:-) (ta...


I remember when…

Parmi les Sept Merveilles du monde figurent les jardins suspendus des Batignolles.


links for 2007-06-15

PSFK conference notes Lynetter's notes from PSFK07 (tags: psfk technology conference advertising trends)


links for 2007-06-07

Digital Urban: How to Stitch a Panorama with the Nokia N95 more N95 geo-magic from a guy who actually knows what he's doing (unlike me...) (tags: n95 nokia Photography tools photo flickr)


links for 2007-06-05

Gridskipper, the Urban Travel Guide Well, it might be steak-frite time again soon and a little variety never hurts...


Alex James - Bit of a Blur

Good to see Serge the Concierge doing his bit to promote the Alex James talk on Thursday.

links for 2007-06-04

86 Mac Plus Vs. 07 AMD DualCore. You Won't Believe Who Wins (tags: bloat)


links for 2007-06-03

Yotel Overview The man from "Yo" strikes again - love the idea, get the designer of the BA first class cabin and get him to sort your hotel :-) (tags: hotel pod japan) Padded Cell - Race Paint - Motorcycle...


Alex James on the Lecture List

You know, Billy and I have been really struggling to keep The Lecture List afloat for some time now, and we’re doing it because we believe in it (the problem of course is it’s impossible to get funding for a thing...


CU-1 a 5 ans demain. So tomorrow morning little CU-1 is going to wake up and be five years old. Forgive the cliché but darn she got big quick… We’re at Rebecca and Tim’s place near Perpignan (strangely correctly i...

In our story,

links for 2007-05-23

Staircase plans online quarter landing staircases Recommended by the hardwood guys, 2nd landing plan sw39m £599 (tags: loft loftconversion) Staircases, spindles,newels from Barley Wood Ltd For when you're...


links for 2007-05-21

Pipes: Rewire the web (tags: programming socialsoftware mashup tools web2.0) Connecting the Dots: Qwaq Launches Virtual Workspace (tags: community socialsoftware online social) Operator11 — Become a net...


Tuesday is Doesday

So David has decided to get stuff done on Tuesdays. He’s christened them Doesdays and you can join his Facebook group, check out the blog or just keep an eye on him over at Twitter

links for 2007-05-18

Dashboard - Plazes - Right Plaze, Right People, Right Time (tags: visualization web2.0 socialsoftware social software plazes) YouTube - The real Computer Monster It's the MONSTER!!! haven't seen this in ye...


links for 2007-05-16

Script Frenzy | Your ticket to creative adventure I reckon Billy and Nicki should have a go at this one :-) (tags: cinema community film) MacFUSE Tech Demos from Amit Singh's Macworld 2007 Talk - Google Vi...


links for 2007-05-14

Video editing with Adobe Premiere « Scobleizer Scoble teaches editing with Premiere (tags: video adobe premiere)


links for 2007-05-12

Where Most Needed Charity industry observer (tags: blog blogs charity museum ngo poverty)


links for 2007-05-11

SERP Tracker - SEO Tools - Nashville Search Engine Optimization, Internet Strategy and Web Design (tags: tools search rank position serp)


A look at the Zopa logon interface

I closed my Zopa account yesterday and requested the paypal funds I had invested be returned to my Paypal account. The folk on the phone were helpful and courteous but I can’t help feeling a bit amazed by the expe...

Iain Tait on YouTube

It’s all just people lobbing rocks into a bottomless pit. Maybe that is a kind of community. But, given the lack of social interaction that’s going on I wonder how important some of this is...

links for 2007-05-10

hAtomic factoryjoe's new project (tags: hresume microformats) FactoryCity » Thoughts on Mozilla I haven't watched the video yet but the notes are spot on. In a word, Moz isn't being transparent and isn't ...


Pie for Maureen ‘round her shed


I go and I come etc.

OK, so could someone be real nice and do some explaining re the translation of Je t’aime, moi non plus in the Karen Elson/Cat Power version on Mr. Gainsbourg revisited

links for 2007-05-09

Jeffrey Veen JV's spent the last year working on Google Analytics. Have just signed up, looking good :-) (tags: accessibility socialsoftware tech web2.0 informationdesign design) Growth of Twitter vs. Blog...



Well, I’m glad I’m not the only consultant out there to get into trouble with Tagged.com. The more I look, the more I find people sharing similar experiences


I thought I’d mention for those boring enough to be interested in such things that the comma-separated list of tags under each post no longer ends with a comma. Until last weekend, the lists looked something like ...

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Squirl: A Site for Collectors mmmm sort of etsy meets spout (tags: blog collaboration community culture design networking music movies media socialsoftware social reviews reference web2.0) Wordie: dug's Wo...


links for 2007-05-03

French Internet Radio - Listen to French online radio news and information and practice your French! Nice listing of streaming urls. Includes non-French francophone channels (tags: french francais online radi...


Tagged.com are spamming swine

If you get an email with a subject something like “[New Challenges] Soandso has Tagged you! :)” delete it quickly. I can’t say for sure whether the company (tagged.com) is the next generation of sploggers or spamm...

Rsync’s 2007 code bounty

When it comes to open source (and, I imagine in pretty much every other issue) John Kozubik puts his money where his mouth is.

links for 2007-05-01

Personas: Why We Get them 99% Wrong - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design (tags: research ria) Roll Up Your Sleeves: Pioneering a User Experience (UX) Process - Boxes and Arrows: The design behin...


donkey is up?

This is great: free server monitoring - check your dedicated or virtual server uptime and get notifications for free - servermojo.com!

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Nitram+Nunca very sexy widgets from designer Kei Sasaki and developers hmdt (tags: code design graphics widgets) jQuery datePicker home really nice date picker implementation using jquery (tags: jquery j...


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{ style:phreak; } » Standard Forms - Updated nice form implementation but still uses tags. See div-less version at http://donkeyontheedge.com/standards/form1.html (tags: xhtml standards code) </li><...


Richard Feynman

A fan of Feynman writes an uplifting tribute: Richard Feynman: A Curious Character


Sean's amazing playlist

Tucking into the mega opus “Mood Aberdeen” created by Sean Wilke for Nick’s 40th birthday. It’s a huge thing, more than fifteen hours of solid jazz, expertly intertwining the classics with the obscure. Am currentl...

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songs:illinois: "I don't wanna be Jar Jar Binks no more" - Star Wars twee from The Bobby McGee's Woo hoo great song from a compilation Billy is working on (tags: fun music)


links for 2007-04-05

Chalkhills: Making Plans for Nigel cutout characters Great little site with info re xtc stuff (tags: music xtc)


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www.pengoworks.com - /workshop/jquery_demo/ Great collection of jQuery demos (tags: jquery web2.0 code javascript)


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Social Square Beautiful site with ligatures, e-sharps and even those viking "O"s (tags: blogging socialsoftware design typography,) Web avant-garde Henriette's "Green Meme", will hopefully get to it befor...


F****** Chancellor

Really loving my new employer. I just had to pay for a CHAPS transfer to ensure that I get paid on my payday. On top of that I have to pay GBP100/month to get paid at all.

Google fool’s day

Check out Google’s amazing new product TiSP.


Have just finished rolling out Jon Aquino’s Mental Garden: Twitter: Increasing number of twitters shown in Twitter blog badge but with the loop set to 5 instead of 10. Looks like it’s all working:-)


links for 2007-03-30

Formulare A collection of forms (really, you know, paper ones) (tags: design typography,)



OK, have just downloaded Twitterrific and it is good:-)

Tullo Marshall Warren

If you’re a regular donkey reader please ignore this post.


If something is private, I recommend not digitizing it and putting it online. Adding privacy features to a public service is dumb. 09:44 PM March 15, 2007 from web

I know it when I see it

Just re-read that last post. What a load of pants, let me try again…


links for 2007-03-27

Negonation Blog an open source project charged with the development of internationalization software for humans. (tags: translation blog rails ruby rubyonrails)


links for 2007-03-26

LOGO2.0 part I on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Nice collection of two-point-oh logos (tags: web2.0 identity)


Yahoo Flickr exploits

You know, I wasn’t going to get all huffy about it, but I just don’t believe the explanations coming out of Yahoo.

A donkey on the edge with ADD

Been playing with tumblr :-)

links for 2007-03-22

Les BadTalks - Bad Bad Blog - Le blog de Publicis Net Nice work from Publicis (tags: pub, web2.0)


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Web2.0Slides | Web2.0 Slideshow a slideshow of two-point-oh sites maintained by a chap called Paul Terry Walhus (tags: web2.0) A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods Really, in a grid and all... (tags...



Recently, I’ve been working as part of the Orange group design and usability team. It’s been quite interesting as I’m involved with teams who are busy developing the offerings well into the future.

links for 2007-03-18

3pointD.com » Blog Archive » Read the Design of the Future in Helvetica (tags: typography, helvetica, signage)


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Mer et Voile : Maltese Falcon, le yacht à voile révolutionnaire - "Une nouvelle page dans l'histoire du nautisme" The most unbelievable ship (tags: fun) The Maltese Falcon and again, just an amazing ship ...


sms oh my…

Interesting site centered on the use of sms: 160Characters Association


The challenges of daylight

So doesn’t anybody else think this daylight savings time (DST) thing is a bit odd. I mean I’m probably getting the wrong end of the stick but are people having to apply patches (to their computers)? Because of day...


SAT scores

This twitter by little_ceeg cracked me up…

The donkey iPod film quiz

So while I’m on the film theme, here’s a frame from a classic picture on the iPod (click on the photo to zoom in, the text reads “unica”).


You know how you get those dvds with your Sunday paper and then they collect on the shelf? Well, my family got me an iPod for my birthday in January and I’ve discovered how fabulous it is to integrate films here H...


Shurley shom mistake?

Interesting interviews on JDN économie, a series of bosses who actually want to pay their taxes (text in French)


Thank you joanofarctan :-)

FOWA 2007 day two - Google docs and spreadsheets

Well, I’ve got to do some work so am listening but not taking notes:-(


FOWA 2007 day two - Khoi Vinh -- Managing UI

Well, had to get CU-1 to school this morning so I missed the first talk:-(


FOWA 2007 - day one

This 'stream-of-listening' feed was provided for folk that couldn't make the event. In the end I'm not sure it's very useful, so today I'll just take notes and publish more structured thoughts after the event.


The Future of Web Apps

Off to FOWA will let you know how it goes.


More Joy of Issy

Billy claims that Issy-Les-Moulineaux is the star of a famous example in pragmatics.

The people’s princess

Her name will forever live on in the halls of justice for her victory in the landmark Supreme Court case Marshall v. Marshall, which struck a blow for the rights of millions of young widows of elderly billionaire ...


Oh bugger, the fabulous Mom and Pop southwestern restaurant (renowned for snails, duck dishes and cassoulet) which by all acounts was always bustling and well worth the détour changed hands two years ago. Serve me...

Les Gourmands - Nathalie et Philippe COSTE

OK. I for some reason that escapes me haven’t managed to eat a decent meal in Paris recently (and that must take some doing) so I’ve got a plan. I’ve asked around and apparently this place is great.

Greed, DRM and Steve's thoughts on music

I do hate agreeing with what Steve Jobs has to say but I do…


I just noticed Billy’s at post number 1111 on our Movabletype installation.

The new BLINK

The helping-corporates-move-towards-standards thing started for me when I did a longish contract at an insurance company and helped them embrace semantic markup and the separation of style and structure. Anyways, ...

Evil little trolls

Well, Russell’s just been hit by his first evil little troll.

Most car drivers don’t know what revs are…

Not like us cheeky biker-types who are familiar with little two-stroke Yam’s and their ilk (tho now that I’ve aged and drive a lumpen opposed twin, my serious revving days are behind me)…


Cisco iPhone

So it turns out Cisco have a corporate blog:-)

They did the iPhone thing!

Jason D. O’Grady is blogging the conference in real time. They did it!!!! They really did the iPhone thing it wasn’t a red herring!!!


Monday morning

Her forearms are long and thin, and the sleeve of her floppy jumper keeps dropping as she fiddles with her empty teacup. She is reading Tolstoy.The sun is rising over Sidcup.I have padded plasters on my ankles as ...

More on Flickr

Rob Ferrara isn’t 100% in agreement re Flickr. His point is that the free account doesn’t give him enough of an incentive to upgrade.


The MySpace murders

Welcome to a world of prurience we didn’t even know existed. No longer will the currious need to dig through the sleazier end of the tabloid press to get their thrills. We can all now view our serial killers’ MySp...

Sharing value

(Photo: CU-1 Falby by David Hockney)




So I’ve been in Paris all week. I was here last week and will be here for three days next week. I’m so totally sad, I’ve been commuting out to the burbs on the RER, working all day and then coming back to the hote...


The Thresher thing

Jonathan and Ross over at TMW are working through the Thresher promo thing apparently organised by Mr Gapingvoid Hugh Macleod. They both make some good points and Ross points out that the promo represents a 7% inc...

Thursday morning nonsense

What next, cats that look like Hitler?


Family-friendly shopping in Paris

Trying to score Nicki some perfume in the Galleries Lafayette yesterday and came across this chap. Great poster next to him with a guy reclining in a bulge-accentuating pose. I figured I should definitely get myse...

Gmail down, arse, fech:-(

Damn, Tuesday morning and Gmail is still on the fritz. Problems started around Sunday lunchtime and the service has been intermittent since then.

Clinique 3 steps and a pumpkin double latte

Gosh, the word “Starbucks” appears twenty-three times on this Lonelygirl15 comments page…

Starbucks relaxed about metrics

I'll be happy if we create a single cheer chain," said Brad Stevens, VP-marketing for Starbucks. He said he's more interested in the qualitative response, as the effort has no traditional marketing metrics tied to...


Get Your Own! | View Slideshow


Link love

Those nice folk at TMW have started to blog. It’s a brave step for a traditional agency and one I hope that will energise their collaborative media activities. Getting into the spirit of the thing, they have start...

SAP blog relations

The company has the balls to invite bloggers into its press and analyst program, to ask tough questions of executives at a time when industry analysts and journalists increasingly ask only softball questions in pu...

James gets it right (again)

Modern Marketing - Blog by Collaborate PR & Marketing: Social Value First, Brand Value Second


Well a bunch of stuff has happened recently and I just noticed that last entry about Universal was my 1000th post! Turns out I’ve been spewing this nonsense since 2001 so now seemed like a good time for something ...

Universal not quite getting the co-creation concept

Just saw this item on Slashdot. A classic example of a big corporation not getting the new consumer.

Marketing books



Glad to see Iain Tait is experimenting (and, in the process has found a place to buy genitals).

Co-creating value with runnersneed.co.uk

Got this a couple of weeks ago from Chris, a man I trust.


I love this little story from the innocent website. In fact i love most of the copywriting on the site. I would have thought they’d passed the tipping point of evil by now but you couldn’t tell by looking at their...

Community based Content centric URL’s

Community based Content centric URL’s on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The end of window-in-a-window

The State Of Web Development - Ajax set to surpass Flash in ‘07

Non-cron scheduled publishing

Well well well, Movabletype now uses the arrival of spam to trigger its scheduled publishing events. It’s quite a neat idea using the inevitable flow of spam to trigger events that once required a cron-job.

Off to bed

Well I meant to say I had a bit of a medical thing happen last Sunday and I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed with my brain turned off. Normal service should resume next Monday.



Just got this in the mail–sounds good in a kind of burning-man kind of way…

Grab a youf

I should start paying Iain Tait for the amount he totally cracks me up:-)

Bonne nuit CU-1, Papa travaille encore ce soir:-(

Alors ce qui est un p’tit peu merveilleux c’est que je disais bonne nuit à CU-1 (ma petite puce) au moment exact ou j’ouvrai cette page (Merci Petite Pomme)

In our story,

Now that’s what I call email marketing

Subject: Google Agency Party - Your Invitation

Banksy Paris Hilton

I’m sure you’ve seen this but here’s a link anyway to a Flickr photoset of Banksy’s Paris Hilton CD insert

Gucci.com to relaunch without Flash

Adverblog: Gucci, welcome to Web 2.0


Open-source humour

ME: Thanks, this looks good. Could you please send your spreadsheet document as a delimited text file as I can’t open opendocument files…


Thinking about Movabletype plugins

Well, I’ve been thinking about finding a low cost CMS that has both good static page management and nice blogging tools like Movabletype and have looked at a number of options.

Small, decaf soya capucino

My Boss just came in and is legitimately today’s enraged mutton. I mean he’s standing in the queue at Café Nero on the Kings Road and

Creepy crawleys

There is currently a spider hiding in my keyboard. He’s wedged under the white panel the keys stick out of and is moving from beneath key to key. No amount of shaking or blowing seems to be able to convince him m...

Brands and blogs

I first approached a major FMCG client about helping their brands join the conversation over three years ago. That particular contact kept my original email so there was at least a degree of interest at the time.

‘not evil’ Google acts to shut down UK education charity

Billy has recently received another threat from Google re the design of the Lecture List pages.

every organization should have a Web 2.0 story

More good stuff from Dion Hinchcliffe. Does every organization need a Web 2.0 strategy?



Love Coudal’s response to the agencydotcom Subway thing

Cheesy, Heirloom, Panini Batons

Doing a little research for a client and came across 101 Cookbooks and love the writing:-)

Objects of desire

So I finally finished my first Chocolate phone film. If you want to add your own, the tag is objectsofdesire

-- -- 56.987 / 0

Mathmatiks.com :: Urban Lifestyle Design & Consulting :: Collections :: High-End Focused Projects


I haven’t got the plugin installed that lets you ping a post back to the index without disrupting the order of the posts so I can’t highlight the post, but I wanted to show you the most recent comment from an old ...


Wow, I hadn’t noticed that MySpace runs on Cold Fusion… I find eBay occasionally searching for missing dll files, so I guess anything is possible;-)


Who says English is making a mess of European languages?

I love this use of as big as a house on this Italian forum iMovie ‘06: commenti e impressioni [Archivio] - Forum Macitynet




More about UGtv ‘06

Just got back from UGtv, crashed on the couch and have just woken up to Open University classics. How to give yourself jetlag without ever getting on a plane…

UGtv ‘06

Am off to UGTV ‘06 — User-Generated TV summit I’ll let you know how it goes.

More nice people getting to know Colin

Wow, thanks to all the great folk out there commenting on the Pea harvest blog project:-)

That’s made my day that has -- -)

Russel Davies has some nice things to say about Colin Wright’s pea harvest blog russell davies: blogging for peas

Because it isn’t fun picking on KPMG anymore…

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 1Q06

More fun with Technorati

I can’t believe I’m the only blogger who uses the category Techno-bollocks…


Oooooh yes -- -)

Apache on Symbian. Just imagine what you could do with that (updating walled gardens in poor connection areas for example). Now if only I was smart enough to install and try this thing myself;-)


A new voice

I’ve been working with a man called Colin Wright over at Birdseye. It’s been really interesting helping his team get started online. We helped the corporates look into their organisation, find a voice with a genui...

Zidane y va marquer!

</embed>powered by ODEO

Dug and H by Jed

Jed sent me this drawing a while back. Just came across it again and thought I would post a shot. For those that haven’t met Jed, he draws. He sketches constantly.


More things I don’t understand

So OK, what’s with the Numa thing? Could someone explain why hundreds of youtubers were lipsyncing to Numa numa and what is it about this gang that the comments are particularly bitchy?

Beware of Methodologies

Just came across a fabulous post by Joel Spolsky from back in 2001.


Gum that lasts and lasts

Just came across a fantastic video on youtube. Matt, the guy responsible writes about the adventure on his blog: Where the Hell is Matt? New York, NY It’s Done

Andy’s song

Hey, Andy’s done another redesign and he’s uploaded a song too :-)

A constructive waste of time.

Always partial to a good shaving story me, well, here’s Alex B’s first encounter with the MP3Power shaver thingy…


MediaTalks: Urinal Football? - Only in Brazil!


PSP vs. DS

There appears to be some debate about the relative superiority of the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PSP. Unusually for this kind of online debate, the quality of the language is very high.

So exactly how useful are peer-reviews?

I was gonna get this sexy-looking piece of kit but darn, look at those reviews, one guy is saying it’s great, the next it sucks… Anyone had a go out there wants to point me in the right direction?

The language of co-creation;-)

With all those “experiences of one” going on out there it gets ever more difficult to know what people are talking about. Check out this comment on a psp-tagged page


Wired 14.06: The Rise of Crowdsourcing

FMCG Blogging

Good piece on FMCG blogging over at Positive Impact (one of Hill & Knowlton’s Collective Conversation channels)

Tags playing nice with taxonomy

University of Pennsylvania are introducing a tagging system to complement their library’s traditional structure:

British advertising

When Daniel and I were very young junior art directors pounding Manhattan pavement armed with our absurdly large black boxes in search of our first job in advertising, all we could talk about was British ads. It w...

Riding with Robots

Browsing the Apple website in search of support details and came across this

Picture stuff,

What is transparency?

mySociety � Blog Archive � This is what transparency means

Doing something useful with the N70…

Just uploading the sys file to my N70…alebic.net � flash, flash lite, multimedia and all related… ;-)



eBay and Kaboodle Partner on MyCollectibles - Mashable*


BBC mobile news

Been playing with the Flash client for BBC News. It’s another example of a technology maturing and converging to the point where it just works. I think this longtime Flash-avoider may have found a new friend in Fl...


Holiday (at last)

Mucking about in the Pyrenees. On holiday and offline (largely). Back on Monday:-)



So I got three-and-a-half hours sleep last night and I started work at 05:00 this morning.

So is it still a meme the second (or third) time it comes around?

Remember the old corporate anthem, Our vision of global strategy by good old KPMG? It established the corporate anthems meme (it was Chris Raettig who started the meme proper…) which ran and ran with contributions...

KG800 chocolate phone

Hey, I finally figured out what to do with the KG800 chocolate phone the lovely people at Hill and Knowlton sent me a few weeks ago. I think I’m going to shoot some videos on the theme of objects of desire and see...

Sad, geeky nonsense

Just got this from the Movable Type developer list



Sorry about all the bike pics. The beast is officialy on ebay

Your place to buy and sell all things handmade

Playing with etsy.com Check out the “shop by colour” interface, just lovely…


Traceroute + Google local -- -)

Another fine 2.0 app:http://www.codefromthe70s.org/traceroute.asp


The French

Bloody French street theatre… I was merrily on my way to an event at the ICA this morning when this large wooden spaceship crashed out of the sky and gouged its way deep into the tarmac of Regent Street.

Google AdSense Account Disabled (4)

Billy just sent me a link to a great piece on Google’s total unaccountability.

Cadbury creme egg cake

Mainly I'm telling you this because it permits me to use the word "viscosity" and I never get to do that.

Creationist bollocks

So somebody tell me how the creationist mafia is managing to skew Google’s video search results? It seems like whatever you search for on video.google the results are at least 60% creationist films. Weird.


Tuesday morning ponderings

When did IT become IS?The bad guy from Goldfinger apears as the prince of Vulgaria in Chitty-Chitty-Bang-BangI interviewed a guy who worked in a bottling plant the other day and he keeps a blog, uses a Symbian cam...

Now this is bloody fantastic! (bis)

Prolific Web2 blogger Dion Hinchcliffe comments on the Tahoe campaign fallout (The Web-Powered Control Shift: Social Computing (web2.wsj2.com)) and reading his blog–actually, I tend to spot his awesome graphics on...

Now this is bloody fantastic!

American car company Chevy decides to let folks create their own Chevy ads (very zeitgeisty dear, well done…) and then this nice man decides to use the same tool to point out how evil the SUV is.


Been doing some research on the old co-creation thing for a presentation at work and came across Mastercard’s priceless site. The site gives you two videos to watch (they don’t work on Mac/Firefox) and then asks y...

Overheard in a workshop today

“360” is the new “My”

Pish dolls

Common Barbie, let’s go party (thanks Rocketboom)

Magistrates court

Well, am on the train back to London after an expensive and frustrating day in Wiltshire. Back when I was commuting to Salisbury I picked up a speeding ticket and looking at the evidence paperwork the rozzers sen...


Just signing up for a Ning account :-)


Playing with Spout – very interesting. If you’ve ever had an opinion about a film you’ll love this…


Just had breakfast with CU-1. It feels like I haven’t seen my family in ages



Flicking through coverflow this afternoon found a copy of RunDMC’s Raising Hell which I thought I had deleted ages ago.

Now le iPod Francais doit jouer le music from anywhere

James Governor’s MonkChips: You gotta love the French: Killing the DMCA and stamping on roach motels

Things you learn in a day’s work

Turns out Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. thanks lipsum


KM with ambient knowledge

Great piece on ambient information at Headshift (I feel so left out not making it to ETECH seems like everybody I read online was there…).

Awesome KTM on-board helmet camera

Now that’s what I call handling. Check out the piles of logs :-)

Sleepy baby (moments I want to remember)

Hi Hal, it’s half-past twelve in the morning and you finished struggling with your insides about half an hour ago (looks v. sore, lots of grumbling and crying). You’re almost three weeks old and are sleeping in yo...

In our story,

Blogger, spam, and why I wrote my first blogging app

In days of yore, before Donkey was published using movabletype, I wrote an application to publish this blog. Like most of the software I’ve created, it was pretty rubbish, but in fairness, it did support three gro...


Boring dad stuff

Well it’s been a week now and CU-2 is eating non-stop (even makes sucking noises in his sleep, Nick’s nipples are taking a serious battering) and developing well. Last night early this morning I had a session with...



OK all, no time to reply to emails, have just woken up and must rush back to hospital. The potted bits:


One little brother, coming up

So C, it was a Tuesday afternoon, the 7th of February 2006. When I got home early you didn’t seem surprised and you didn’t notice that Mom was writing times down on a piece of paper and bouncing with intent on her...



Cally has taken the time to reply. Thank you Cally:-)

A good source of polyunsaturates?

So I’ve been doing the information architecture for a site about Flora (a margarine product from Unilever) and the thing has finally gone live. On the whole, it’s pretty usable, makes a good effort towards being a...

Movable Type 3.3

So it looks like Movable Type 3.3 is going to have some advanced entreprise goodies, like LDAP… I can’t wait :-)


A new way to write

Interesting read over on noodlepie it’s primarily a blog about foodie stuff, but recently, Graham Holliday has started blogging some pieces he is writing for the NMA (a UK new media rag). What’s neat is that he is...

Just discovered James Boardwell

His blog is called technogoggles.

BA and my digital lifestyle

Spotted this bus heading down Golders Green Road. The picture shows an open laptop with the caption Notebook. Photo album. Jukebox. Check-in desk.

Honda’s Inaccessible Dream

Don’t keep up with my Modern Marketing feed as frequently as I should – James has always got some interesting stuff to say…

Bad coffee and legal MP3s oh my…

So the largest distributor of crap burnt coffee is entering the the music biz…

DS hits half a million users for wifi service

Nintendo Breaches the 3-million connections and 500,000-user mark! - Gaming Blog


http -- //www.poddater.com/

PodDater adds RSS feeds to profiles. Online Dating Insider:

Yahoo happy tenth birthday

So nice little quilt graphic from Yahoo (Yahoo! Netrospective: 10 years, 100 moments of the Web) for their birthday.


I’m always on the lookout for interesting examples of bloggers making content together, so was chuffed to see Livejournal users have been creating hundreds and hundreds of Batgirls (thanks Boingboing)

I could eat a knob at night

Listening to the old Ricky Gervais podcast thing again. Apparently, after the offhand remark “you could make a dance mix from I could eat a knob at night” the guys received eighty (80!) mix tapes:-)

Symbian screengrab

Very excited, have just read a piece on pdafrance.com which claims to have found a reliable screengrab app for the Symbian OS :-)


More DRM bollocks

I know I have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the music publishing industry, but I just wanted to confirm that if any record companies are listening, I will never buy another CD from you guys that has copy prot...

Eat a knob at night

Listening to the Ricky Gervais podcast on Guardian Unlimited :-)

Web2.0 goes bump (again)

Flickr is currently displaying the following header message on all pages:


Happy New Year’s resolutions

Dave Sifry asks what are your New Years resolutions?

The caption’s all wrong

Still, does Apoa know she’s got a portrait in the V&A?


Web2.0 goes bump

There seems to be a spate of online services going awry. Last week it was TypePad suffering a meltdown, and now it’s continued hiccups for del.icio.us


Problems with TypePad

<img src=”http://www.donkeyontheedge.com/images/TPBarf-thumb.gif”” alt=”TypePad is down” height=”154” width=”150” class=”left” style=”float:left” />I just tried to comment on a blog whose author is taking pa...



Well, tomorrow we pack and on Thursday, after more than 10 years on West End Lane, we finally move house.


The sky is dark

I take 100 daft pictures a day with the N70 and ain’t it just typical I don’t have a camera on me today.


CU-1’s got a fever -- -(

Little CU-1 was playing at her friend Sophia’s house yesterday when she came down with some serious temperature. Nicki kept her medicated all afternoon and put her to bed early.


So Firewire is dead?

So apparently, FireWire is on life support–Jason O’Grady asks what our take is on the death of Firewire.


An alternative to SubEthaEdit?

I was doing some research on social software and have just come across Christopher Allen’s blog, Life With Alacrity, and mention of his application SynchroEdit.



Leslie Harpold’s advent calendar is up.

Not quite perpetual motion?

Can one use the flow created by the cyclical capilary action generated by dipping a cloth in water and letting it evaporate? I’ve no idea, but this guy recons he’s worked out the Cyclical gravity greenhouse liquid...


Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA (good old w3c)

Yet another worthy initiative is under way by our friends at the w3c. This time they’re looking at the inaccessibility of captcha, those funny images of twisted letters one is often asked to enter when signing up ...


Well, today is the last day of Book Week at CU-1’s school. The kids were asked to go in fancy dress–picking the costume of their favourite character–and little CU-1 has gone as The Little Red Riding Hood:-)


Podcast-safe and DRM free releases

I can’t vouch for her music as I haven’t listened to it, but Jade Leary has just released an album over on the LetterXshop which is unusual in that it respects the rights and fair-use needs of its buyers by avoidi...

Inaugural issue of the Journal of Usability Studies is published

The Journal of Usability Studies (JUS) is a peer-reviewed, international, online publication dedicated to promoting and enhancing the practice, research, and education of usability engineering.

Orange continues to suck

Been reading about the Orange home screen on Symbian phones.


An Open Letter to Sony-BMG

I missed this last week: EFF: An Open Letter to Sony-BMG

Things I hadn’t considered when setting my N70 to auto upload

I’ve been using ShoZu to seamlessly upload my N70 pics to Flickr which is cool up until the point you decide it’s time for a large ebay sale…


Albert Ayler

So I participated in a Katrina relief charity initiative a few months ago and had largely forgotten about it when what should pop through the letterbox but an enveloppe from Verve stuffed full of lovely jazz cds.


It sort of amazes me that with all the fanfare around CU-1’s birth (readers may rememember the blow-by-blow of her mother’s labour)–and the fact that this blog was initially set up to track the goings on in my hea...


PixPulse clarification

David wrote in this morning. He is concerned that the debate is missing his central premise. Here’s his note:


Shozu or PixPulse?

There’s an interesting conversation going on between David Xue, the founder of PixPulse and Roland Tanglao about the pros and cons of using email as a method to share mobile content.


Joining the EFF

OK, so I joined the EFF. Not only am I supporting the only serious lobby group for digital rights, I also got a fabulous t-shirt;-)

Tsunami + 200 days

Just moderated a talk over at the Lecture List. The event is called Tsunami +200 days and looks worth a look.

Farsi bloggers

Listening to Radio4. A woman has just launched a book on the Farsi bloggosphere

Belle and Sebastien

Sitting here on a Sunday when I should be playing with Nicki and CU-1 trying to wrangle the information architecture of a corporate brand site into some sort of sensible, digestible expression and listening to Bel...

Sony DRM bollocks

Sony has stopped production of the ‘root-kit’ protected CDs. Thanks for nothing but nice to see a company realise that things are a little more complicated than simply dropping some copy protection on a disk.


11 November 1918

It’s 11 o’clock.

Angry sheep

So I’ve been sitting here getting increasingly pissed-off about the totally unregulated goings on at Google, the iTunes Music Store, CD manufacturing, spyware galore and a whole host of other nasty little profit-d...


Linux for your iPod


Pakistan relief efforts

A family friend, Lauren Ingram has set up a fund to help with the relief work. She’s focusing on collecting smaller amounts of money and quickly distributing it to the right people on the ground using an extensive...

Playing with Flock and liking it…

Blog This!You can easily blog interesting web content with Flock, in just a few clicks.Example: 1. Highlight a passage on a web page that you would like to blog about. 2. Right-click that selection and choose ...


A nicer environment

I love this and this made me smile:-)


Writing your MP

Sometimes we forget that the laws we obey are written (indirectly) by us.

Die mauer ist nicht so motorradfreundlich

Which, as far as my crude appreciation of the language of Siegfried goes, translates to the wall isn’t so motorcycle-friendly (he’s commenting on an orange crash barrier he avoids at a corner’s apex).

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Just back from seeing Kiss kiss bang bang at the London Film festival (thanks Billy) and tomorrow Billy has scored some tickets to hear the director talk.

Cool JS slider

Been meaning to have a play with this javascript slider. Oh, and the individual templates are broken while I try and fix comments…

Google v. The Lecture List

The Lecture List is a non-profit site that aims to promote public speaking across the UK. The site was launched with a generous grant from NESTA but for the last two years has been entirely supported by the time a...

Toddlers at work

This piece over at Digital Dad™ made me chuckle. CU-1 isn’t a toddler anymore (she’s three) but she’s been obsessed with computers, stereo, iPods and telephones almost since day one.


Eating scorpions

So Nicki, at long last, has started to blog about her experiences with food. She’s a professional food writer so was apprehensive at first, but it looks like she’s settling in nicely:-)

Google AdSense Account Disabled (3)

> Hello,> > As you know, Google treats instances of invalid clicks very seriously. By> disabling your account, we feel that we have taken the necessary measures> to ensure that invalid clicks will n...


Just read a post on the Google Print copyright debacle which reminded me I got a bit tipsy last night and had a vigourous and interesting converstation with a barrister who specialises in intellectual property. We...

Google AdSense Account Disabled (2)

So yup, I’ve started digging around and we may have something here (thanks wAntAn productions: Google AdSense Account Disabled)

Google AdSense Account Disabled

I think we may have a thing here.

Fair Play isn’t

Chris Wheatley makes a few observations about iTunes 6. In particular:

John Peel’s Festive Fifty

A friend of Billy’s wanted this word spread:

The bigger picture

So I bought Nicki a Sony Ericsson K750i as she’s starting to write about food again and she needed a decent camera to upload to Flickr with. I just can’t get over the image quality on the thing. I pumps out 1600×1...


Pigs, burdock and Broadway

So exactly how often these days can you see a chap roasting an entire pig on a spit and what’s a burdock root anyway? Broadway market is looking pretty darn amazing right now. These guys come back every saturday–t...

Sorry, gotta go -- -(

Thank you Billy for pointing this out:-)

Things I learned by watching TV

Well, until about five minutes ago, I had absolutely no idea that Levon Helm and Robbie Roberston played with Bob Dylan.

Lick my ass

It’s funny, I’ve been tidying up my iTunes library and tracking down some of the more obscure cover art. On a couple of occasions, I’ve come across reviews of Miss Kittin albums and amusingly, even the more metrop...

Whipsnade face painting

Just love this picture. Not sure why exactly, but it’s something to do with the freshness of the whole thing.


Going to the mattresses

Spent the whole day at IKEA (both Wembley and Edmonton) not buying a mattress.



Note for Falby family: CU-1’s swimming pics are now in a flickr set so you can view them as a slideshow.


George Bush visits New Orleans

Ohna just sent this:

Now that’s what I call community policing

Apoa and Kiloh bond with the rozzers at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival :-)



Very smile-inducing voyage back to 1985 on engadget:


The George W. Bush Emergency Preparedness Award

Well, I feel a whole lot better now that the White House website is covered with pictures of the sensitive couple hugging refugees…


I still love the internet after all these years

Subject -- Vacation is Over…an open letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush

Jed just sent me this. As ever, MM says it best… Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Movable Type 3.2

We’ll, the big one has just gone live :-)



Just watched the pilot of Lost.

Pissed-off reader

Received the following from a reader called Andrew MacLaren a few days ago. He does make some good points so I’ll see what I can do:-)

Flickr comes of age

From the Flickr news page entry dated 31st July, 2005

Funny guy

Maddox adds to the debate on the rise of Citizen’s Media


Sitting here chopping some complex css and Eminem’s Mockingbird comes on and I start blubbering like a baby. This happens every time I hear the song (i.e. it’s nothing to do with css…) I wonder what’s making me so...


Just nuts -- -)


Citizen’s media

I think by luck I posted some of the first pictures of Warren Street tube to Flickr. I was getting my hair cut on Googe street when I heard the news on the radio.

Chu Chi

“Pan Asian Diner and Takeaway”–the subtitle on the menu doesn’t say it all.


This one gets so far up my nose I could sneeze.

Covent Garden Hotel

So I was trying to score some new Birkenstocks at lunchtime today and ended up eating a small Ceasar salad at the bar of the Covent Garden Hotel which seemed like the best way to avoid eating Another Bloody Sandwich.

What did <i>you</i> find on Googlemaps?

So I’m looking for satellite imagery of the island of Marawah around 100 kilometres to the west of the city of Abu Dhabi, just to the north of the Khor al Bazm. I end up with a traditional satellite image courtesy...

Branding is dead

I realise I’ve been doing a lot of quoting these days, but I love this comment by Hugh Macleod over at gapingvoid.com

Our city

Just came across this fantastic open letter to the bombers over at LNRE


Just got this in the mail from Sarah

Missy Elliott

Listening to Missy’s The Cookbook and damn. I keep rewinding a track called Can’t stop

Audience-generated content

(This post isn’t written yet but in the spirit of release early-and-often…)

And more bombs?

[Friday morning] Well, the front of the house is still there, so clearly the bomb on the bus was a false alarm. Still, no harm in being jumpy. I guess we’ll be keeping an eye out for abandoned parcels in the tube ...


Several blasts in London this morning.

Software patents nein danke

I’m always amazed when the European Parliament sees sense and does the right thing :-)

No stinkin badges

At last, I’ve been promoted to “official photographer”


Live 8

Annie Lennox is on right now…

All I want to do is find a frickin’ radio station!

Thank you Chris for pointing me to this piece on featuritis :-)

Those blog-watching marketers

The Wall Street Journal says:

Design clichés

Ahhh love those logos with a swoosh. Speakup has compiled a definitive list of design clichés with a prognostic on each. I’m embarassed to admit I’m fond of bubble-head people… Still, I suppose I could always get ...

Orange jump-suits

Just bumped into this quote from Voltaire


I just learned a new word:

Tardis Tennis

Winston Churchill whups Shakespeare two sets to nothing… it must be the BBC’s Tardis Tennis

Font sizes

Recently lost my rag with a very nice person on one of the HCI lists I subscribe to. My juvenile, agressive and totally uncalled-for behaviour was triggered by the fact that the person works at Verisign (regular r...

Last call for comments on CSS2

Attention all CSS boffins, you have until 15 July to post comments on the working draft of CSS 2.1


Live 8

Bob was livid when he found out about L8 tickets changing hands for loads of cash online. I saw him on TV a couple of days ago really laying into eBay. I’m not sure if this was Bob’s idea, but someone suggested bi...

Want want want…

Embedded in the back of the bag are three lightweight, tough, waterproof solar panels which generate up to 4 watts of power. This means quicker charge times!



I’m always curious to hear any information that suppports the argument that not making your site accessible is a nonsense. The DDA Centre has nothing to do with website design, but they did have this little snippe...

Transformaçaõ de Armas em Enxadas

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time looking at the British Museum website these past couple of months. I’ve nicked this graphic from Compass, their editor-selected presentation of 5000 significant pieces from t...


I’m on a couple of usability lists and one of them sparked a slightly strange exchange of messages a few minutes ago:



Well, I’ve been on the verge of buying Tiger and going through the upgrade thing with the five-odd machines I’m responsible for. It looks like I’ll loose key functionality if I do (virtual switch networking) and I...



Sunday afternoon and my eyes are still going mental. This is beginning to worry me slightly, after all I rely quite heavily on my eyes to do my job. If things haven’t improved by tomorrow morning, I think I’ll go ...

Puffy and smelly

So I’m sitting here at my desk, it’s 5am and I’m trying to get some writing done, but my eyes are killing me.


ER -- The Video Game

Just been contacted by Francis Poku at specialopsmedia.com re featuring the new ER game on Donkey.


Sitting here in MUF where I work on personal projects thinking about the structure of a huge, museum website and have just noticed that Technorati’s tags page is almost 50% non-roman.

Memory machine

I’m not sure whether I prefer the Flickr ‘most recent’ or ‘random’ badges, but one of the nice features of the random badge (which grabs pics at ‘random’ from your photosets) is that is reminds you of days past.

Getting clients to the Land of Usability…

I forget if I’ve mentioned this before, but we’re all carrying all manner of legacy decisions about producing web pages. We’ve got the web-safe colour thing, the acessible Javascript thing, the quirks or no quirks...


Feeling Tufte today -- -)

Doing some background reading for a big IA project and came across this classic from Edward Tufte

Asquith Court West Hampstead

I was beginning to think the good works of the Asquith Eight were going to go unnoticed forever.

Touching screens

What is it with account execs? They can’t help themselves from poking the screen. One in particular had the endearing habit of using a biro which left little blue smudges…


OK everybody, today’s the day. Time to head for a polling station.


Have just spent three hours inputting all manner of stuff into the Aquent website.

Tom Coates on trackback

Tom writes Trackback is dead. Are Comments dead too? I’m not sure I agree with his findings. To be honest, I have a problem understanding exactly how trackback works, so time to delve deeper. What is undeniable is...


Asquith Court Parents Association

There has been a real grassroots effort by the parents of kids at Asquith Court West Hampstead. It got so bad we moved CU-1 to a new nursery (which she calls her “new nursery” which is kinda cute…).


Evil hackers on IRC

OK, it’s abit geeky, but this story has just had me in stiches:-)

More ‘customer support’ nonsense

I got this note at work this morning. This is crazy as it’s now the second time I’ve got the note and for some reason, this company cannot operate outside its scripted customer support parameters. This a very impo...


A new kind of customer service

Just got this from Flickr…

Workflow for Movable Type

If you can get past the mind-bending idea of plugins having their own plugins, it really shows how plugin developers have taken a place next to strategy consultants, content mavens, and implementation experts in b...



Yesterday, I watched a man carry a little white box.


Wireless magic

Sitting in the car outside my flat typing this. Thank you open 802.11 networks :-)


Isobel Daisy Holmes

I know I do overdo it on the baby content, but I just this minute received this email:


Just about to drive back to London.


April Fool

Don’t miss OK/Cancel’s fabulous new ‘re-experiencing’ of their site :-)

Amsterdam for weejuns

So that was fun, if utterly exhausting (started my day 06:00 on Friday and got into my hotel bed at 01:30 only to be kicked awake by little girl at 06:30–and it went downhill from there on the sleep front).



Wey hey! Nicki has scored our little familly an all-expenses-paid press junket to the Dutch capital. Nick and CU-1 left earlier today and are currently enjoying that particular kind of Dutch hospitality (brusque?)...



I want one of these

Big boys playing nice (part two)

And in the spirit of lo-fi open source advertising, check this out. Anup Kurian is the director of an independent film showing at the Waterman’s in Brentford. He wrote in asking for help. Read the post, but go see...

Say no to 0870

A co-worker just passed this around:

Killing Chickens

Life just got easier it says. This just has to be a piss-take…

Wi-fi on the go

Just wanted to register my surprise at the poor quality of BTOpenzone’s wi-fi offering. Apart from the just plain cryptic interface of the wi-fi start page (the page your brower is redirected to when you attempt t...


Things stumbled across by accident

Just read this nice little emotional roller-coaster from Wil Wheaton’s blog.

Big boys playing nice

Well, Google is courting entertainment marketers apparently. The piece explains how new Google film listings are making studio bosses nervous. There’s some classic old-world thinking

I can feel a new banner campaign coming along

Still waiting to hear back from Fnac (a great place to buy French stuff - iTunes licensing doesn’t allow French ‘variété’ tracks on the UK store grr) re my earlier note to them.

Dispositif anticopie numérique

Cher Fnac, Je me fais un devoir de vous informer que (bien qu’ayant été sur le point de le commander) je ne vais pas acheter le cd “Le Fil” de Camille car la présence d’un “Dispositif anticopie numérique” est d...

Carbs ahoy

Just had my first roast potato in I don’t know how long.

Fascism Anyone?

From thirdworldtraveler.com but all 14 features might fit us western 1rst worlders quite nicely too…

A Dangerous Commute

So yesterday, as the train was about five minutes out of Basingstoke…


We did a day trip to Manchester this Saturday to pick the little girl up. CU-1 spent the week with her cousins Holly, Tom and Eve while Nicki was in Hong Kong and it looks like she barely noticed her parents were ...


Consumers less satisfied?

I just got a link to a slightly strange article over on Clickz. It’s titled Consumers Less Satisfied With eBay and Amazon and goes into some depth explaining how big e-retailers are diluting their initially focuse...

St Valentine’s

Just overheard in Waitrose


Well, I just received a link to these configuration instructions for Firefox. A minute to apply and wey hey, better performance :-)


Pimp my ride

Just fabulous, thank you felicity :-)

CSS Negotiation

Great piece on CSS negotiation. Focus on minimal hacks with emphasis on code fragments that can ‘wilt’ away when negotiated browsers die off…


Nick Denton closes $25,000/month Sony deal

On the one hand, the deal is an old-fashioned sponsorship arrangement, but Sony’s marketers are testing the waters and this could be an early move towards a new kind of advertising that “does” more than “says”.


<img src=”http://www.donkeyontheedge.com/images/tos.jpg”” alt=”Star Trek DVD collection” height=”150” width=”114” class=”left” style=”float:left;border:none;” />

Pictures by colour

Very cool toy by a man called Jim. Colorfields lets you view random flickr images by colour tag. Fun:-)



Just dropped my tax return off at Euston Tower. It closes at 20:00 and there were queues of people snaking around the building. Kind of a funny atmosphere, a bit festive, a bit like first day at school…

Jailed for using a non-standard browser

This whole anti-terrorist thing is really getting out of control

It’s amazing how not being in pain cheers one up

It’s two o’clock and I’ve been shuffling around the office in my socks. I’ve stepped into my open-back Birkies a few times and joy oh joy, my legs are not acheing :-)

Dear CU-1

I’m guessing when you read this you’ll be quite a lot older and no doubt these ramblings will be served up in some as yet unimagined way. In any case there’s been a lot going on recently that I haven’t recorded.



So I’m contracting at a place that requires a bit more polish in the old dress code than I’m used to, so I’ve been dusting off my lovely old leather shoes. I’ve got a gorgeous pair of French ones that still look g...

Hidden usability features

Most good user experience is taken for granted, as is powerful information architecture. Recently I’ve been noticing hidden usability design features that don’t stand out until you put the objet out of its primary...

Blogger sacked for sounding off

So how did I miss this piece in the Guardian?

Blog calendars

You know, I put that calendar up there on the right because I could. I mean when I moved to Movabletype, the calendar seemed fun and possibly useful.

Where are all the Broadvision sites?

I used to spend a lot of time explaining to clients how powerful website personalisation was going to be for them and researching the technologies to do it. I remember one day, the people at Broadvision (a persona...

The British Museum -- current state assessment

Information architecture and current state assessment.


Have been playing with Flickr and it’s bloody brilliant :-) Have slowly started uploading pics (several v. integrated ways provided) and came across this shot of CU-1 playing with Kihlo’s monster teeth:

Picture stuff,

Gail’s boobs

OK, I do seem to be posting a lot of links to Gail’s Openbrackets but this one cracked me up…

PR, marketing and the blog

I think by now we no longer need confirmation that the blog is an accredited part of the communications mix. I’m guessing 2005 will see more mainstream blog awareness in the UK and who knows, by the end of the yea...


I’ve just discovered that James (Cherkoff) is in Sri Lanka and he’s OK. He normally checks in with a nudge to get a move on the day he’s back after Christmas, but this year, silence–Turns out Liz and James arrived...

Jay goes TV shopping

Just came across this and I can sooo empathise.


Comment spam

Jay Allen has just posted a link to the new Six Apart Guide to fighting comment spam over at Movabletype.

Jim Elve v. Skweezer

Boy I’ve just worked myself into a lather over at Barnett’s blog. Some chap in Canada has been going ballistic along the lines of his copyright is being infringed and his ad revenue swindled.

Better than gmail;-)

More bat than gmail, Dug is proud to anounce he can be reached at dug@postmanpat.com (is there a dangling modifier in there somewhere?)


And now, welcome to Skypecasting

View source

One reason I found the Internet so exciting when it first approached me to give a job, was its collaborative nature.

Comment spam, mtblacklist etc

Just wanted to explain what has happened to Donkey as a result of the recent spam attacks on MT installations.

MT ProNet discussion

Amen Jon Armstrong for putting into plain English the abstract pissed-off cess-pool that I’ve been brewing re MT category implementation. Thank you:-)

Donkey stuff

I was caught with my pants down by this bug in late September. After deleting both Donkey and Roblog databases I’ve finally found the time over Christmas to rebuild all the templates from scratch. So keep your MT ...

Old chestnuts roasting on the open fire

I’m just going to post this as is. I read a piece by Mark Kingdon To Flash, or Not to Flash? on ClickZ and was prompted to send a reply.

You blink and…

I was following a link from Gail’s very funny piece on the cli·ché and ended up at The Telegraph (she linked to this piece).

Diary -- a bloody brilliant day

Temperature 6° overcast + foggyIcknield Way between Britwell Salome and Aston Rowant closed to vehicular traffic until summer 2005, but the old road cuts North West from Aston Rowant and continues to Chinnor w...


Mighty Girl goes shopping

Loved this piece by Maggie Mason

The rednecks in the middle

Damn—bitchslapped again.


James in the FT

James has a piece in this week’s creative business (sub required) and makes a few good points.


Send in the electoral observers

Apparently there is an acknowledged syndrome called PEAD—pre-election anxiety disorder—the fear that one’s vote will not count. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sweeping the nation. With all the shenanigans going...


George W Bush hurt my baby

So CU-1 was wearing her mommy wants a new president teeshirt today at the toddler playgym and a couple of people commented negatively. One said, “what has George W Bush done to your daughter” and Nicki practically...


Cos Cob vandalism

You know, my dad, Jed, has for most of his long life been a master with a pair of scissors.


Face paint

I figured if I let CU-1 paint my face as I painted hers, I would be able to make a reasonable likeness of a ginger cat’s face on hers.



…Boy Scouts and S&M fetishists both spend an inordinate amount of time fiddling with rope…



Wow, more DJ spam. I must be the new hub of the online music scene. It’s the ususal enchanting copy, connecting their minds to their bodies I mean who writes this stuff ;-)



Today John Peel died.



This will have no meaning to most people, but if Bill Bissell reads this, on Saturday 23 October 2004, I finally made it to Sidcup.



Would you guys mind terribly debugging your frigging JS code before you slap it on your website? Please.


More things to do with your Placido

As the election looms, thoughts turn to another Republican congress. UK subjects act now while you still can:


More software company nonsense

A new feature has arrived on my desktop that prevents Nicki and I both using Suitcase at the same time. Until now, Suitcase ran happily in the background, managing font conflicts and opening fonts when required to...


CU-1 the delegate

OK, wee un is now officially contributing to the Kerry cause.


Lennon McCartney

Right. So that settles it then. Unless I can’t spell;-)


A guy in Wales

I know I’ve been a bit of a wreck these past couple of days, but I really surprised myself this morning reading Phil Mountain’s letter to Clark County in The Guardian. By the start of the second sentence I was sob...


CU-1 and the new president

Well, the shirts finally arrived!



“Karen Carpenter was of course famously anorexic but people forget that she was also a really good drummer” - Goldfrapp


Dull boy

I’ve just discovered that if you point the desk lamp straight into your face and stare at the bulb occasionally, you can go for days without sleep.


Topless DJ

You know, there’s nothing I hate more than spam. So I really can’t figure out why I keep noticing the stuff and posting about it…


Mommy wants a new President

Monique from Littleton in Colorado says her mommy wants a new president and your daughter should too.


Cuisson du sucre

Who would have believed that there were not one, not two or even three different nouns to describe the state of caramelization of sugar in the French vocabulary. According to marmiton.org’s cooking chart there are...


More Japanese Dugness

OK, I’d really like to know what’s going on here


The thing that I want (a design methodology)

So yesterday morning, the thing that I wanted was a black, v-neck jumper and the chosen interface to get it was Mark & Spencer at Marble Arch.


Scrambling one’s nervous system

For a theoretically unemployed person, I seem to be very very busy right now. This is great because one of my iBook’s logic boards (I think it’s a logic board, due to the little beeps I’m pretty sure I heard yeste...


Big boy little girl

CU-1 walked up to me this lunchtime and asked


Is BT still shit?

Tom Hough recently commented on an older post about BT.


Until this evening, I didn’t know that the side pannel of the G5 is a four-millimeter-thick slab of brushed aluminium. On the inside of the panel, a stainless steel guide is attached with cross-head stainless stee...


Hey Dug, what’s all this porfolio stuff… (bis)

But on a more personal, Donkey-esque note, one side-effect of trawling through your pure-play digital (actually saw this phrase today) life is coming across really old stuff that you’d forgotten ever doing.


Hey Dug, what’s all this porfolio stuff doing here?

Just a quick post to apologise for all the portfolio stuff going through this part of the site these past few weeks. I decided to use a part of Donkey as my online portfolio (a necessary evil in my quest for emplo...


Japanese Dug

Modern Jazz and Booze


Lamb’s lettuce

The corn salad (Valerianella P. Mill.) has been sitting in a seed tray for ages. I can’t seem to get the darn things to move beyond this stage so potted them up in a bigger pot this morning.

Planting from seed

Planted Greek oregano (Oreganum vulgare L.), mixed Italian lettuce leaves 1, rocket (Diplotaxis erucoides) and a lemon variety of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum var citriodorum) in a seed tray in the kitchen two Sa...


I’ve just realised something which I had kind of been keeping my head in the sand about: Movable Type 3.11 is buggy as all hell. Once you start getting anywhere near the red-line, its behaviour silently switches f...



One in a series of auto-spams—a gratuitous link to The Lecture List. Fabrica just posted Representing Islam: Empires, Ideologies and Rhetorics


MTNextInCategory and MTNextCategory

Just so I know, exactly what hapened to make the amount of comment spam I’m getting shoot up overnight?


New design using float instead of position

Damn, this thing went from Mena’s intermediate template to the completely new float design in about 18 hours. I was at the perifferal templates until 2 am this morning trying to get the category-based tags to work...


Goatface avatar

Came across this icon I made of myself when digging around for portfolio stuff. For starters, what’s with the front pony tail;-) That said, it is kinda cute (the icon, not the goat)…


Mystery-meat 2004

I’m happy to say, I haven’t seen bona-fide mystery-meat navigation in years, but strangely, as I’ve been reviewing what other designers have been doing about their online portfolios, I’m finding it more and more....


I didn’t know that

The expression ‘hoist on his own petard’ comes from the frequent and generally grisly end of His Majesty’s Petardier—from the French, “person who has to light a very large fire-cracker at point-blank range while s...


Global Donkey

From georgetown.edu



Still thinking about what to put in my cv, portfolio etc. and never being able to settle on what’s really important. More precisely, why would someone want to work with me? So I’m heading towards values—I’m guessi...



(I never, ever, read my sister's comics when I was wee.)


Tarragon etc.

Given that I have no prior knowledge of gardening beyond the long list of pot plants which I have killed over the years, I thought I’d pay attention and try and observer what is happening out there…


Bouncing (again)

Just when you thought you were safe from bouncing CU-1s, these three little films come along:-)


Ben Shahn, American, 1898-1969

Nine minutes ago, I’d never heard of Ben Shahn. Now I have. Thanks Robbie.


DJ Sick Puppy

Having the stereo in my flat hooked up with AirTunes is beginning to change the way I think of albums. I’ve always struggled with playlists—the amount of time you need to spend on them to get something that isn’t ...


Alexander (bis)

Alexander, Michael, George, GoodbodyBorn on 27th July 2004Weighing at birth a mighty 6llb precisely.


Al Jazeera

I drop into AJ’s english-language website once or twice a week. Interesting piece on Arun Gandhi’s visit to Palestine and his take on non-violent resistance (Throwing a brick at a Merkava tank is just a waste of t...


Large fuzzy testicles

Could a Japanese speaker please let me know what this is all about?


CSS for Flash sites

You may remember, a wee while ago I did the CSS implementation of the online media shop for the twocultureclash.com website (click on “download 2cc ringtones” to see the shop). At the time, I commented on the stra...


Welcome Alexander

A post about Melina’s baby Alexander, except that the only visual record is the snap she took of CU-1 and me in the playground at Turnham Green. Mister clever digital camera-phone-man was too busy chasing his litt...


Lord of the marionette

Been listening to a lot of Tiga recently. Following a link got me to these sensational puppet shows over iChat:-)


The Ludlow Massacre

Well, not knowing who that bluegrassy artist was made me want to look him up. Turns out it wasn’t a ukelele, and it was none other than the great Woodie Guthrie himself in 1944:


Airport Express with AirTunes

So last night I was in my bath listening to a scratchy 78 of a bluegrass artist whose name I never quite managed to catch.


Not for CU-1

Always on the look-out for French-language resources on the net. This one is most definitely not for CU-1, at least not while she’s still living under my roof;-)


Boring MTGeek

OK, so this post is going up courtesy of a fresh instal of MT3.1


More CU-1 sickness

Having a 13.4 kilo little girl sound asleep on your left shoulder from 17:30 to 18:30 while trying to not wake her up and pick up her medicine from the pharmacy at the same time does wonders for your muscle tissue;-)



CU-1 has been sick all week. This has been a little tricky to handle, as Nicki has been sick all week as well (really bad ear infection) and when sick, CU-1 definitely wants her mommy. A lot.


Carson’s usa visa meditative

See this comment for a weird and wonderful machine-generated phrase.

Stuff for Jed

Stanley Kubrik's Napoleon (pdf file)The first Creative Commons video that explains the point of a 'commons' and why protecting everything forever might not be a good ideaAn update from the Creative commons team on...


Edward Tufte on Columbia Evidence

An old chestnut found while digging around my bookmark file–Edward Tufte’s analysis of the Columbia Shuttle report. He looks in detail at the meaning conveyed (or hidden) by the Boeing engineer’s powerpoint presen...

Replicate or distribute? (part 3)

Never before in the history of trivial snapshot production has there been a more potent way of assaulting the world with your pictures. There is nothing technically amazing about the service itself–what is amazin...


Replicate or distribute? (part 2)

Bonusprint, the UK’s leading mail order photo processor, will be launching in November with a Cognima Snap powered service. The system I’m currently trialling will be available to members of the public–just head o...


Intel Centrino (part 2)

The manager in Taormina replies:


Intel Centrino (part 1)

A search on Jiwire for Teatro Greco, Taormina, Italy reveals that there are five WIFI hotspots in town, and that the closest one to the amphitheatre is at the Grand Hotel Timeo & Villa Flora which is actually ...


Replicate or distribute?

I’m just about to join a trial with a company called Cognima. The have a technology called Cogima Replicate™ which, in essence, creates images of all your stuff on all your devices. It copies images on one phone ...


Bouncy girl

What does a little girl who has just had a three-and-a-half-hour antihistamine-induced nap do when she wakes up? (alt-click to download vidjo)


St John’s Ambulance

So it’s sortedLifesaver Baby and ChildrenSaturday 4 September09:00 to 13:00(in Romford)



Well, it had to happen sooner or later, little girl vs bee (or wasp, I’ll never know). Have you noticed how this August, London has been overrun by wasps? A friend of mine has an alleyway down the side of his hous...



I would just like to put my 2¢ into the indeterminate gender thing. I think alternating between ‘he’ and ‘she’ more or less at random through a text (I’ve been reading about babies and this is done A LOT in these ...


Can be as confusing as it can be extraordinarily painful. I am having an uncommonly shitty morning and it really hurts–arse. Arse, arse, feck.


Date formats

Sorry about the dates jumping around guys, just messin’ with the MT date formats. If you can muster any strong feelings about it, comments with prefs or recommendations on date formats for a diary-style blog (whic...

I don't have a lot of time

THE STORY – It seemed like a good time to start something new. The news from the meds is pretty crap but hey ho, movement increasingly difficult, some pains are frequent and I know that some of them will last as...


White-labelling with CSS

Met a nice man called Mark Panay at a company in Bristol last week and he kindly asked me to do some CSS for a white-label system he’s developed.

Drop everything…

…and go here now.


Just had a lovely morning in the rain with CU-1. We were gonna do the painting thing, but then I remembered the stables at the London Equestrian Center (CU-1 liked Albert best I think–lots of fuzzy mane in the fac...


Raser Français

The French have a wonderful knack for keeping it simple.

Big Media ate my budget

It’s nice when a blogger says something short and to the point:


I love this post by Chris, and because I can easily post a link to it, I shall;-)

Sleepy babies

As long as I’m messing about with the video capture on the ixus, one of the nicest things (well, one of many many nice things, but one that stands out in a particular way) about having a young child is the way the...


Bad Dad

I mention CU-1’s adventures on swings in an earlier post. If you read this blog on your mobile phone (or indeed just download stuff via the web and then copy it over), you’ll be able to see very bad Dad In Action ...


Demon DNS

Just got this from Demon, my ISP of choice for a number of years:

Ouch, ouch, ouch

First things first–If you’re one of the many people who come here from A List Apart please read this.

And another ouch

I’ve just noticed the access logs filling up with calls to “permalinker”–this is a pretty major oops as I’ve always believed URIs should be permanent.

And now we return to our scheduled broadcast…

I had so many bits, bobs and backups tied into my blogging engine that it was taking me forever to migrate safely to Movable Type. A negative side-effect of running what was a truly nasty hack in the first place w...

Having my mouth unstitched

The stuff that I think several people out there get a kick out of reading on Donkey tends to form in my brain like scum on pot of soaking chickpeas. When I first started posting, the system was so fast that it cov...

The Joy of Links (go on, click click click)

One Two (…and isn’t weird that there’s a “w” in “two”?) Three

Tough Times in Devon!

May is when all the councils reorganize. Mayors get elected, committees too, and in the reorganization of East Devon’s planning arm–The Development Control Committee–disaster struck!

More translation

Have just struggled through another hummaniteinenglish.com translation. A very interesting piece about the effect on left-wing parties of forgetting one’s left wing. I worry a bit, the French is pretty pompous and...

No way…

Yes way


Pantograph is a lovely word:-) Thank you Gail


From this piece (on bbc.co.uk)

Your ass in a polling station (today)

Have just returned from voting.


And I just unlocked my Nokia 6600 so now I can use the Orange SIM in it:-)



So the England team’s practice sessions are being spied upon by “Zoom lenses hidden in golf carts” and celebrities sunning sans clothes are violated by zoom lenses that “literally reach in and pull the image out”.


Just met some really nice people at a studio in the city.


So Billy and I went to this Alexander McQueen bash last Thursday night and drank way too much champagne and then Billy raised his paddle and bought Madonna’s tights…

More fun with advertising

So I’m still digging around the advertising industry looking to see if I have an idea or not…

What’s a ficathon?

I love these people. The following from http:// www.livejournal.com/users/charlotteu/friends


Now this is just silly ;-)

Listen. Learn. Participate

Donkeyontheedge is all about internet citizenship.

MT not free anymore

All in all, if B+M want to do the MT thing full time, they have to charge. It’s always a sting when something you’ve used for free goes paying, but in their case there really isn’t any other way.


Did my first translation for L’Humanité in English last night.

My first foray into charity fundraising on Ebay

(See earlier post re auctioning a vanity spot on educational charity The Lecture List to raise funds for hosting) raised a whopping 6 pennies (sixpence?) from a staggering two (2) bids…

text message to bicycle to chalk on pavement -- -)

Wireless activists are using bicycles with wireless internet access to allow visitors to the Stop Bush website to post messages on the streets and pavements of New York City. The cycles have an on-board chalk-spra...

OK guys, time to pony up for charity

You know you want to :-)

Dug is impolite but working for an underfunded educational charity

Hello List, just thought I’d spam you guys with a site I’ve just launched for an educational charity that lists lectures, get-togethers and happenings nationwide.

more from Devon

Jed writes about life as a Devon councillor

Joe Frank

The trucking of illegal immigrants into the U.S. leads to prison at a small, liberal arts lock-up. There, we meet Jones, the huge, black king of the penitentiary and his white slave warden, Farrington. Eventually,...

Spent the day watching two young persons

In cheap black suits and unpolished DMs sit at a reception desk.

My heart

Is filled with darkness right this second.

Try searching for Gwen Thomas…

…the Association of Photographers’ rights negotiator and European Pyramide representative and end up without her email address, but with the knowledge that if I want to I can see my chakras spinning :-)

On hold…

The guy (an HP employee) replied “what’s Postscript?” this is like a baker not knowing about flour, a children’s television producer not having watched “Sesame Street” or the president not knowing the constitut...

In Dug's really old stuff,


What is the Dana Centre? I wondered, speculating as to whether it might be a musical venue commemorating the life and times of Ireland’s first Eurovision winner in 1970. Or a Bulgarian cultural centre? In fact i...

Tracy Island

I make tracy Island out of yellow play-do and get as far as the nice abstract blob of the island, the runway with the fold-back trees and am just starting on the Mies VDR square buildings when CU-1 attacks and eat...


Base campers

So I’ve been using Basecamp as the project extranet for the Lecture List. It’s just fantastic to see a web-based tool so well implemented, it’s a beauty, it’s fast, it just works very very well :-)

iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Programme

As I mentioned before, a nice UPS man took my iBook away to be mended under Apple’s iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Programme

The American President

So I have this theory…

Referential integrity

Actually, not exactly–it’s just that I can’t remember the actual term that describes how the virtual representation of a “folder” behaves like a real-world folder in the way it respects Newtonian physics (i.e. it ...


Nick and I are always being amazed that the moment we have a good idea for something, bang–someone else does it :-)