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dug dug Follow May 09, 2004 · 1 min read
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Bikes Against Bush wireless mobile chalkwriterWireless activists are using bicycles with wireless internet access to allow visitors to the Stop Bush website to post messages on the streets and pavements of New York City. The cycles have an on-board chalk-spraying machine that prints on the ground, and the messages arrive via SMS. The bicycle’s rider has the ability to moderate the posts so not just any utterances are set in biodegradable powder.

While this is cool (and reinforces my thinking about the practicality of access points running around the countryside – Routemaster buses with satellite uplinks etc.) I can’t help but be reminded of the bit in The West Wing when (President) Bartlet tells Leo about the US developing a million-dollar Biro to write on the moon while the Soviets used a pencil (I still think Americans clearly have too much free time on their hands) – thank you (and go get ‘em) Wireless Weblog

(As ambivalent as I feel about adding linkage to Gawker Media’s virtual coffers, I will say I was pointed to the following by Gizmodo – and no I’m not a gadget hound at all, I was just looking).

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