Hi I’m Dug and this is my blog.

I am a designer who has recently moved to Scotland. I am married to Nicki and have two childhood units, CLF and HEF.

These posts go all the way back to 2001. When I started blogging I didn’t like the tools available so wrote my own in some dodgy middle-ware called MGI that ran on OS9 WebSTAR (yes, really!). A couple of years in, I discovered Movable Type and was a happy customer for many years. The current version of this blog is hosted on Github and is built using Jekyll.

Re content, the theme has changed over the years. There was a period of heavy consumer activism, a few years all about babies and deaths in the family, quite a few posts about design, usability, politics and so on. The main challenge is the fact the blog has no central theme so struggles to compete with other specialist sites. I guess at this stage, it’s a place for me to experiment and also a repository for my voice so the kids have something when I’m gone (but not in a ghoulish way).

If you’d like to create some content or services together I’m always keen to meet new people and share cups of tea. Reach out by email and if you’d like to see some slightly more focused content my UX work site is here for now: goodlookslikethis.com