Awards like it oughta be…

dug dug Follow Feb 23, 2003 · 1 min read
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Watching the BAFTA awards in the background while catching up on some work for Monday am, it always amazes me what good A-List attendance the show gets. The Audience was packed with Hollywood’s finest and it occurred to me that this is what the Oscars ceremony used to be like.

Where else do you get good old-fashioned 10 minute thank you speeches? I think a guy with a headset pulls you off the stage if you go over your alloted 10 seconds of fame at the Oscars.

The night even ended with a BAFTA Fellowship to Saul Zaentz which generated a good 15 minute speech (close-ups of people looking attentive and serious during interminable thank you) ending with an inspiring condemnation of America’s slide into darkness. You rock Saul;-)

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Written by dug Follow
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