dug dug Follow Feb 04, 2003 · 1 min read
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It snowed last week and Britain ground to a halt. The weather forecast was timely and explicit (large animated snowflakes covering the whole map of the country, what more do you want) but it seems everyone still thought they’d have no trouble driving home from work. This be in part due to the total lack of coherent public transport in the UK or simply down to dogged stupidity…

In any case, I came home later than intended and ended up wiping out (well, slow-mo falling over…) and lost a passenger peg casting (grrr) but ordered a new one from a nice chap in Hull with a regional accent so intense I had to give him my credit card as his trustworthiness was unquestionable.

Fun driving—I usually take the bike into a park (Hampstead Heath in this case) and drive like a maniac in the virgin snow. I say usually, but as a good covering of snow only hits London every seven years or so it’s considerably less than usual. So I was out in this mess on purpose. It took six kind strangers, all of us slipping and sliding, to pick me and the bike up and slip the lot of us off the ten meter sheet of black ice I came unstuck on.

The walk home was long but great. Walking past piled up cars (every hill in London developed a sheet of black ice from idiots spinning their wheels and most acted as traps, collecting stacks of helpless cars). I stopped in a pub half way, had a triple Jack Daniels and a smoke. Great mood in the pub, one guy was trying to get food for his kids who had been trapped in their car for five hours. The bar was full of folk like me getting ready for an all-night trudge through the snow, and all seeing the funny side of it.

Looked like snow earlier today :-) but it didn’t stick :-(

Oh well, another seven years…

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