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Dear Andrew Strong,

Your letter read:

Your AA membership comes up for renewal on 31 August 2012. As you have been a Member(sic) of the AA for 2(sic) years you will qualify for our new Silver Membership when you renew. With this you get more breakdown cover at no extra charge, plus free extra benefits.

I first joined the AA in 1988 but while I am sad to go, I am writing to say “no thank you”:

Instructions to terminate:

Please terminate account XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX (re: vehicle registration XX00XXX) immediately.

I DO NOT wish to be charged £56.15 on 31 August 2012. I am cancelling my direct debit instructions, but this communication is a formal notification to end contract.

Reason for termination:

I received Andrew Strong’s letter with title “welcome to your new AA Silver Membership” dated 25th July 2012. This letter outlines the nature of the AA service and because of the content of this letter and the attached T&Cs, I no longer wish to be a member of the AA.

  • I used to believe that you were indeed the "4th emergency service". But emergency services are not tiered. There is no "Fire Department Gold membership" for affluent families in the Home Counties nor a "Police Emergency Bronze membership" for younger, urban members . The point of a universal, trusted service is that it is universal.
  • The AA was once upon a time largely breakdown service (your core values even survived the 1967 creation of Insurance Services). It has now become an insurance broker and I do not pay membership fees to my insurance broker. I already have enough insurance cover thank you.
  • The T&Cs have been updated to indicate the maximum number of call-outs. This is both disgusting and depressing. Joining the AA used to mean being a part of something greater. Now, all it means is I'm buying 5 callout tokens. Depressing and disappointing to see such an important and trusted brand reduced to haggling over the price of a call out. I hope your female members who may be motoring with small children in the car are aware of the limit on call-outs.

Please try to ensure Andrew Strong is notified that his letter has directly resulted in losing a member.

All the best,

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Looks like I’m not alone. Really amazed by the comments here

Looks like Andrew needs to look at his compliance as well as his service…

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Hiya, life goes like this. Step 1: Get out of bed. Step 2: Make things better:-)