Jeff Jarvis on the great restructuring

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Great piece on buzzmachine re the evolution required to the ways we live and do business in the face of the current mayhem:

  • Consumer products of all sorts will have to change in the face of empowered customers and, in some cases, with competition from small competitors given the benefits of scale on platforms (see: eBay, Etsy, Amazon, et al). They will also face price pressure thanks to online comparison shopping and new retail structures.
  • Government will grow but thanks to the empowered populace, it, too, will face fundamental change.
  • Creating platforms to serve small and independent businesses and networks to bring them the advantages of scale are key opportunities in the restructured economy. That is the real lesson of Google in WWGD?. There are three ways to succeed here: Create a platform; create a network; build on top of somebody else's platform or network. This, I believe, is how large companies will be replaced.
  • There are many opportunities to provide services to new, independent players - startups and newly self-employed individuals. At yesterday's Hacking Education, Scott Heiferman and I tweeted back and forth about the opportunities to build a network of spaces for independent work (the inverse of Starbucks: good with space and services, OK with coffee). Add payroll, insurance, hosting, and all sorts of services.

This is good stuff and resonates with a lot of the thinking and reading I’ve been doing on the topic recently:-)

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