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dug dug Follow Jan 05, 2005 · 1 min read
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I think by now we no longer need confirmation that the blog is an accredited part of the communications mix. I’m guessing 2005 will see more mainstream blog awareness in the UK and who knows, by the end of the year we might be catching up with the US.

This article from Clickz just landed in my inbox. It includes a nice quote from JupiterResearch Senior Analyst Gary Stein:

A corporate blog strategy that focuses only on the creation of corporate-run blogs and the running of ads on external blogs is only half-right," Stein said. "Companies need to remember that there are most likely already discussions happening about them in the consumer-generated content space. Before using blogs to talk, they need to make sure they've got their listening operation in place.

How nice, a lighter touch :-)

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