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Have just moved Pumpernickle into desk space at an architecture practice called muf. Their web site has this to say about them:

muf is a collaborative practice of art and architecture committed to public realm projects which embed enduring and unexpected interventions in the physical and social fabric of the urban environment.

The office is very cool and makes a welcome change to some of the other nasty places Pumpernickle has lay its hat. In particular, the workers seem to happily coexist in a superficially chaotic environment and there is little emphasis placed on computers–nice to be someplace where people stay up late cutting, pasting and gluing bits of paper.

I quote the muf ‘mission statement’ above as I find that–curiously–it resonates nicely with what Pumpernickle would like to be doing, where the ‘architecture’ is ‘digital production’. In a sense, the Lecturelist project that we are currently developing for Billy aims to be an “unexpected intervention” into a virtual urban lifestyle–an attempt to trigger some change of pattern in the behaviour of the urban millions (it’s a cool project, check out and thus make a lasting impression on the cultural environment.

Now all James and I need to do is find some lovely government lolly to fund the next couple of big not-for-profit ideas ;-)

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