Things Dug would like his N95 to do…

dug dug Follow Jun 22, 2007 · 1 min read


You know, I just twittered this, but I get the odd S60 developer reading my nonsense here so I thought I’d put the question on the blog.

My current S60 wish list:

  • I want to run software on my N95 so when I plug it into my mac with the usb cable, it emulates my iPod and causes iTunes to sync a number of playlists onto my phone memory. How cool would that be?
  • and while I'm begging, has anyone thought about turning the N95 into a portable wi-fi to 3G bridge? Imagine the scenario, you all get to the meeting and no one can work out the wep password or find the right cable and it's all going tits up (I'm always amazed at how difficult large corporations make it to get on the internet). You whip out your N95, turn on wi-fi and the base station triggers a 3G data connection. All your co-workers go into their wi-fi menus and connect to "dug's phone" and voilà, we're all online!

I don’t know enough about radio transceivers to know if that second one is possible. It could be that the wi-fi card in the N95 can’t be configured to be a base station. Still, it does two-way traffic so you could see how that oughta work…

…and here’s a link to something interesting NRC - Mobile Web Server

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