Not Evil Google tramples my sister out of convenience

dug dug Follow Sep 04, 2008 · 1 min read
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Well it used to be Big Oil or Big Business but we really are seeing the emergence of Big Copyright

Ohna’s award-winning short film has been pulled by Google because of an automated copyright alert. This smells exactly the same as Google’s ongoing mistreatment of the little guy. The same rules apply: justice cannot be applied by formula or filter. Unless each case is handled (note ‘hand’ as in ‘human’) individually by a trained adjudicator a never ending stream of injustice ensues.

I suggest Google work out how to pay for this adjudication service soon as sooner or later they’re going to need a new business model…

Ohna reports:

Yesterday our short film SON was taken off YouTube's screening room because someone at Paramount Pictures copyright police company decided that maybe we had used some footage from Son Of Rambow. Whoever made this decision had obviously not watched the film as SON is obviously all original footage and in fact the only ressemblance to Paramount's film is the word SON in the title and the fact that there is a young boy in the cast. Despite the obvious blunder Paramount are making no effort to remedy the situation by removing their notice from YouTube and by doing so are damaging our reputation and possibly causing us loss of income.

The woman could use some words of support. Go comment on her post

And if you are aware of similar events, make you register each and every case with the EFF’s chilling effects website.

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Written by dug Follow
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