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dug dug Follow May 09, 2009 · 1 min read
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(the following sent to Zopa helpdesk)

Your system is simply diabolical. I have now been locked out twice and cannot access the 400 pounds in my account.

Zopa your account is locked

Your password reset and security questions are designed to FAIL. Quite simply, both my bank accounts (Lloyds and Barclays) have online security systems which are safe (enough) and (largely) usable.

I am desperate to transact with you and your systems but ever since my first unfortunate encounter with your registration process (see post-1.html for details of the first fiasco) through the support email loop that FAILed to resolve my simple issues right through to your current password reset mechanism I have been thwarted by your hostile, ham-fisted and incompetent user experience design.

Please, please, please. Let me set the security questions or at least choose from a list of options (I have no idea what my first school is, and if I put dummy data in the field it is unlikely I will remember it come the time to reset my password) and reduce the case-sensitivy of non-evident or non-mnemonic security phrases. I mean is my town of birth “sanfrancisco, san Fransisco, Sanfrancisco, San Francisco and why not San francisco or San-Francisco?!?

Your systems need way more flexibility and much, much greater intelligence.

And plllllllease reset my frigging account so I can get my mits on my cash NOW. OK?!?

All the best

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Written by dug Follow
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