What’s the worst that could happen

dug dug Follow Mar 13, 2003 · 1 min read
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Dr Pepper is good. Raging Cow is tasty stuff, my friends and I drink it all the time. We give Raging Cow Milk Drink to our babies because they like it so much too. In fact, Raging Cow is the new breast milk.

“Marketing is crap” should really be my new mantra;-) Tim Ireland is number two in Google with his Stop Raging Cow mm.

These from his site:

Click here to get your Raging Cow Boycott button!

I Support The Raging Cow Boycott

OK, so now here’s the Dr Pepper tagline in an H1 to emphasise its importance (Raging Cow) <h1>What’s the worst that could happen</h1>

And here is the phrase Raging Cow in an H1 to emphasise its importance in Google <h1>Raging Cow</h1>

Not that I have too much Raging Cow time on my hands (and due to the way this blog Raging Cow engine paginates, the above H1’s will break this page’s validation).

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