SKYNET RESEARCH » Mobile Aerial Ground Support (MAGS)

dug dug Follow Feb 19, 2009 · 1 min read
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Kudos to Special Ops Media somewhere in the freeworld (5th avenue). They’ve just arranged for Skynet to contact me inviting me to participate in a robotic design competition. The Skynet website says it all. This is a company that wants to save the world through the benevolent application of science from primary schools to the armed forces.

Here’s a small-print example of their benevolent attitude:

Defensive and limited offensive weapons can only be activated by the MAGS controller and automatically replenish themselves after engagements. Currently in limited deployment at undisclosed locations, MAGS is already making the world a safer place!

Because the last thing we need is autonomous gun platforms that can’t walk around freely reloading themselves…

No, wait… where have I heard this before… Sarah, is that you?!?


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Written by dug Follow
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