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dug dug Follow Jul 08, 2005 · 1 min read
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(This post isn’t written yet but in the spirit of release early-and-often…)

  • Audience-generated content
  • Mobile video and photography enables new type of coverage experienbce
  • Change too fast for bloggers
  • One of the most mind-bending images to come out of yesterday's media coverage (tube, bus, terrorist, bombs etc in case you were on Mars yesterday) was taken by Alexander Chadwick

Quote from bbc guy:

It certainly showed the power of what our users can do when they are close to a terrible event like this
Pete Clifton, BBC News Interactive

Passengers evacuate the tube

The picture I’m refering to is captionned “Passengers evacuate an underground train at Kings Cross (Photo: Alexander Chadwick)”

BBC has a nice little slide show, but as ever, the best interesting, raw, curious (what’s with all the intense Joan Crawford headhsots), moving, spontaneous, uneven and constantly growing media is on Flickr (I was watching the “The 7/7 Community (formerly London Bomb Blasts)” group pool but there are many others)

More on this when I can take a few minutes off work…


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