And more bombs?

dug dug Follow Jul 07, 2005 · 1 min read
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[Friday morning] Well, the front of the house is still there, so clearly the bomb on the bus was a false alarm. Still, no harm in being jumpy. I guess we’ll be keeping an eye out for abandoned parcels in the tube again. I think once the IRA stopped blowing stuff up we Londoners may have gotten a little lax in that department…

[19:13] Arrive home in West Hampstead just as a rather young-looking Metropolitan Police officer is wrapping copious amounts of “police no entry” tape across my street, effectively barring entry to my house. I drive straight across the (very empty) road and into my front garden. Turns out there’s a lone bus parked right across from my flat and the bus driver is being told to “keep walking quickly” down West End Lane.

It does seem very unlikely, but it looks like we might actually have a legitimate bomb-scare in our front yard.

(CU-1 is asleep out of range in the back room and Nicki and Dug are going to have a drink next door)

(although by some perverse arrangement of cat-like personality features, Nicki is insisting on looking out the front)

(more later…)

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Written by dug Follow
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