The French

dug dug Follow May 05, 2006 · 1 min read
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French street theatre Bloody French street theatre… I was merrily on my way to an event at the ICA this morning when this large wooden spaceship crashed out of the sky and gouged its way deep into the tarmac of Regent Street.

OK, not really, but darn I should watch the news. Large chunks of the West End were completely roped off this morning with all parking bays supended etc. Apparently there’s gonna be a huge metal elephant-robot tromping around London over the week-end. Sounds fun but I’ll be tromping around the South Downs with Billy. Will try and take some pictures:-)

Actually, I’ve just been sent a sexy new cameraphone from LG so might have some news to add re mobbloging stuff (first step is to instal shozu)…

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