Google AdSense Account Disabled (4)

dug dug Follow Apr 18, 2006 · 1 min read
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Billy just sent me a link to a great piece on Google’s total unaccountability.

In particular, I am concerned at the fact that both advertisers and syndication partners are denied the right to audit the figures produced by Google. All you are provided is an average cost per click figure, together with the total revenue for the day. This is unacceptable for many online publishers as it means that you are unable to correctly identify the amount of money owed to you, nor are you able to identify areas of growth (particularly in regards to the type of advertisers your users are clicking on).

and it goes on… well worth a read. In particular, the author also outlines how Google’s position on VAT means European AdSense customers will struggle to avoid the Exchequer a knocking…

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