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dug dug Follow Mar 21, 2002 · 1 min read
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Ok, does meme have two ems? (as in memme, not mememe) - not sure about that one. Just came a cross one of them in the making (well ok, not a meme exactly). Perhaps a new form of haiku. Apple have started shipping ipods ( with laser engraving and the Apple online store has a facility for testing your engraving.

My guess is that people will start sharing these silly thumbnails (see my humble first attempt) online, subverting the intent of the manufacturer.

Not sure if this is pitiful geeky stuff or very cool… I guess if it were performed by the same people that painted their powerbook g3s electric blue, or if some manga-obsessed Japanese customer will do something interesting in Kanji I could be impressed ;-)

I haven’t checked the Apple Japan site yet, but I like the idea of creating laser engraved Kanji ipod-art with an Apache ‘plugin’ like ImageMagik - kinky.

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