Ben used to have this yellowed warning sign above his stereo

dug dug Follow Mar 08, 2002 · 1 min read


Which was designed to look like it might have come from the ammunition store at Colditz. The were lots of achtungs and zis and zat and so on… Imagine my surprise when this showed up on an email list I subscribe to It’s the same sign, except “turntable” has been replaced by “computer” - in more ways than one I’m sure…

Am still working on my listapart piece. I’ve been trying to get a new template together for donkey that uses some of the multi column thinking that went into the pumpernickle site. Unfortunately, my workstation died and is at the shop. It’s been there all week which is a major pain - I have to use Nick’s machine when I can, so writing and coding (and posting to this diary) have been difficult to do this week.

Today is Friday - I hope to have it back on Monday or Tuesday - my fingers are crossed…

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