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dug dug Follow Sep 08, 2004 · 1 min read


You may remember, a wee while ago I did the CSS implementation of the online media shop for the website (click on “download 2cc ringtones” to see the shop). At the time, I commented on the strangeness of hacking CSS for a site designed with no concern whatsoever with usability or web standards—the point of the site is to play music and get you hooked so you see the band and buy their stuff. Well, it looks like I’m going to have another go, this time for mia records

Their site is not only all Futuresplash, it insists on having the latest bleeding edge version. I’m so excited, this must mean they have truly unique, mind-blowing content, I’m orff to fetch the plugin…

(five minutes later)

Well, I can’t see why the need for the latest plugin (big surprise there) but cool music:-) Also, as far as my non-cool self can tell, M.I.A. is a woman called Maya, short for Mathangi Arulpragasam. Her dad was a bonna-fide Tamil Tiger (or at least was very active in support of their battle for an independent homeland) and she wants to tell the world about her family and the struggle itself.

Pretty cool stuff and I want to know more. Maya, why not start a blog, or a community website, somewhere to tell us more, tell us about growing up in two worlds with all the tensions and pain that must have caused. Please please please break out of your little .swf file and get active online:-)

Anyway, and so to work—how am I going to make the yrmedia shop thingy work on Maya’s site…

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