Welcome Alexander

dug dug Follow Sep 08, 2004 · 1 min read
CU-1 with some guy with brown teeth
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A post about Melina’s baby Alexander, except that the only visual record is the snap she took of CU-1 and me in the playground at Turnham Green. Mister clever digital camera-phone-man was too busy chasing his little girl around the playground he didn’t get a single solitary snap off in the direction of the little guy.

Alex is a cutie:-) He’s seven weeks old and fits on my forearm (you forget how small they are when they first get here). He needed some ventouse help at the last minute, but it was just a bit, so his head wasn’t oblong and he doesn’t have the great big red bump on his scalp that CU-1 had.

I had him napping on my arm for a while in the park. When you pick him up, you brace yourself for the weight and then almost bounce him off the ceiling when you hold him. He curled up on my chest and took his bottle for a while, OK, it’s not like I’m broody or anything…

So welcome to Planet Earth little guy:-)

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