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Small world (Leeds United, 28 May 1975)

dug dug Follow Mar 12, 2011 · 1 min read
Leeds visiting Euromarché
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So I took a cab to #GSJLeeds yesterday and the driver and I got talking.

Turns out he’s in this picture (actually, he’s in the one of fans sitting on the car park balcony, but this is a nicer shot). He was 16 and had just left school. He’d saved for months to afford the trip to the semis or even the final. At the last minute the mate he was going to travel with got sick and he ended up taking the ferry on his own. Once in a campsite in Paris he bumped into two friends from school.

If you look at the top of the frame you can see “C” and “E” with a ginger guy standing between them. The letters spell “Euromarché” and I know this because I used to fly model aircraft from the roof of the supermarket’s car park and I lived a few streets away, at 8 rue Joseph Bernard.

I was 12 years old and was shopping with Ruth, my mum and I remember being confused and dismayed by large groups of glam-rockers helping themselves to litre bottles of Valstar beer (filling trolleys) and just walking out and plopping down on the landscaping outside the front door.

Later on that day I worked out what Leeds United was and I could hear the sounds of the cup final through my upstairs window as the house I grew up in was only a few streets away from the Parc des Princes where the match was played.

No big deal I guess but I find it interesting that I can pinpoint a photo from 1975 on a Google map in 2011. Euromarché has become Carefour and the tarmac car parc on the roof has been planted with a parc but the fourty-year-old concrete structure still stands today with its pointless concrete ramps to nowhere… Oh, and the guy apologised on behalf of all of Leeds which I don’t really think was necessary, after all, it’s been 36 years since the match;-)

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