New York City, 1982

dug dug Follow Mar 20, 2011 · 1 min read
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Footage taken by Ohna in 1982, hanging out in Fairholm Hall on West 121 Street at Columbia Universtity in NYC. Footage includes lots of cigarette smoke, Dug, Bill, Jose-Antonio and Robert. Nothing much to look at but it’s always fun to do a bit of time-travel.

Ohna was visiting with a 16mm Bolex mechanical ciné camera borrowed from her uni upstate.

Notes from Ohna 5 April 2011

I can’t reply within Donkey site as it won’t let me sign in as anything - yeah not my forte! So maybe you can pass on to Ben… in Charles de Gaulle Air France business lounge on my way to Buenos Aires!

Funnily enough on my youtube the music I used located me & I get a few things posted onto my site about - as well as a funny comment about something who played it with different music - There She Goes by the Las. In fact when i did it orginally I used Dear Prudence by Siouxie & The Banshees

See original mix: Ox

Actually Ohna, yours is nutty with loads of non-Fairholm stuff (and a soundtrack) so what the hell here it is for posterity and thanks for being there Ohna!

Cheers, Dug:-)

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