Jeep saga

dug dug Follow Nov 30, 2002 · 1 min read
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So last night, two guys show up with our new Jeep. All a bit unceremonious. I was particularly unimpressed with the fire extinguisher dumped in the boot—a token gesture that doesn’t quite match up with the “fire extinguisher and glass hammer installed in the cockpit” that I had verbally agreed with the folk in Kingsbury.

Anyway, as I handed over the keys to the loaner, I couldn’t help thinking how we had ‘trashed’ it. It’s amazing what a couple of babies, bottles of water and muddy shoes will do to a leather interior;-)

And while I’m petrol-heading, the new bike is due to arrive in a couple of weeks. All very exciting (giant tank, knobbly tyres and the enduro gearbox—funfunfun) but I am chronically let down by BMW. They are so good at raising your expectations, and sooo crap at delivering. The last time I picked the GS up from service, the handlebars were loose (could have been nasty…) and while I was sold on an integrated lease package (BMW Select, BMW Insurance etc) it turns out that to get the new machine, I have to go through the credit rating process again and that what on the surface looks like one company under one badge is just the same old re-purposed shit from dodgy old GE Capital:-(

But that said, the R1150GS-A is just the sexiest thing, so I guess I’ll get my hoop-jumping shoes on again…

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Written by dug Follow
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