dug dug Follow Oct 22, 2002 · 1 min read
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So I’m sitting at a table at the Welcome Break just up the M1 working on the actionscript Andy sent me last night and I go to paste it back into his file when tarnations, I realise I’ve only pulled the .swf off the server before leaving.

No probs, I whack the ericsson gprs on the table, turn on irda, connecting… woohoo, we’re online. So, I go “connect to server”, mount the main Pumpernickle job bag server and I’m away.

Except that Andy’s file is about a million levels deep and for each re-draw of the Finder window, the server is trying to pump full-size Appleshare data (you know, pretty icons etc) through the micromini irda port. Double-click, wait and wait. Double click, wait and wait…

And then my brain actually wakes up—I don’t need the finder at all. I remember that my OSX powerbook has a command line and start typing. One cp /Volumes/HD22/Sharepoints/job_bags/Andy_development/Andytest.fla wip/ and voilà one lovely .fla file ready to go:-)

As much as I hate Steve Jobs for making me pay over and over for the same product and for his overall shitty attitude to older customers (read all about bronze DVD problems later) I must admit Unix powerbooks are a very, very good thing:-)

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Written by dug Follow
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