Spent the day watching two young persons

dug dug Follow Mar 30, 2004 · 1 min read



In cheap black suits and unpolished DMs sit at a reception desk.

I was there (the BMW service centre in Battersea) from 9:30 til 16:30 and they didn’t budge. I hope they get paid enough, though on close inspection they both had screens to play with and spent most of the day drawing funny faces in a photoshop-alike programme. I guess this is why The American Right want prisoners to not have access to television or the internet, I guess a screen is just enough freedom to not go mad?

But anyway, I’m feeling better (but you couldn’t tell from that introduction).

Just had a lovely drive (my first sunny day driving through London in a while) from the Dogs Home, past Vauxhall bridge and along the south bank to Waterloo, then through the lovely old Kingsway tunnel which has been open for a while now but I never seem to use…

Did the whole drive chasing a shiny new KTM. Very shit-off-shovel big four-stroke single with a lovely thumpa-thumpa sort of rythm, sort of looks like a wasp – black and yellow with a waist. He’d get me at the lights and I’d catch him on the straights (just). Anyway, this reprehensible behaviour gave me a nice warm glow inside, so i should get through my all-nighter in one piece :-)

I think i really need a nice long bike trip, maybe Morocco, get some soft-sand practice and some sunshine…

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