Die mauer ist nicht so motorradfreundlich

dug dug Follow Oct 30, 2005 · 1 min read
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An 8-minute lap of the Ring on an R100 Which, as far as my crude appreciation of the language of Siegfried goes, translates to the wall isn’t so motorcycle-friendly (he’s commenting on an orange crash barrier he avoids at a corner’s apex).

I downloaded this thing late last night and had a watch this morning–and I’ve forgotten the site I found it at–will credit later if i can track it down.

The most noticeable feature is the smoothness of the ride, no harsh moves and very little slowing down. It feels like a Gran Turismo education tape, particularly the one were you have to complete a time trial in a Eunos Roadster. The car is very underpowered, and it’s impossible to complete the Mountain track on time without the most delicate touch.

This particular lap is done on what looks like an R100 BMW, so not exactly a horsepower fiend, but the left-hand needle rarely drops beneath the 240kph mark


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Written by dug Follow
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