Unbelievable recruitment crazy nonsense

dug dug Follow Apr 27, 2011 · 1 min read
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Recruiters continue to amaze me. This just came through on a list I follow.

This is an entry level role for a new client of ours based in East London, £25k...You will be working across mobile, web and tv platforms, being involved from early concepting stages to final implementation stages...

OK fair enough, sounds like a great entry-level gig. The money is a bit junior but the opportunity is genuine, sounds like a good deal.

...Our client strives for the highest quality of work, and you will be expected to deliver innovative, detailed work that delights users as well as making commercial sense ... Producing innovative interface designs and specifications from a functional and technological perspective...

Hang on… you’re a junior looking for mentoring, opportunity and a challenge but now you’re going to deliver the highest quality work from the get-go? Right off you’re going to be making specs and top-quality designs?

The right person for this role will need to be able to hit the ground running... you will need to make confident design decisions and run with them, and be able to effectively communicate this over to clients...

OK, I give up. I’m fresh out of college but I’m supposed to hit the ground running? I mean fuck off you’ve got to be kidding!?! And to round it off you’ll be using your extensive stakeholder management skills to present to clients?

To be honest, it’s great a company is willing to take a punt on an exciting junior but this sounds like a company with no in-house UX experience trying to pick up a one-man middleweight design resource for the price of a bar of soap.


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