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dug dug Follow May 12, 2011 · 1 min read
Postman Pat


Postman PatWow, it’s a voyage of discovery… Turns out the post office (RMG for royal mail group) runs a ginormous logistics operation in the Netherlands (it’s called G.L.S.)

Reading the website reminded me of the back of Asterix et Cleopatre, a book with an epic list of huge numbers on the back (14 litres of Indian ink, 30 brushes, 62 pencils, 1 hard pencil, 27 eraser, 1984 sheets of paper, 16 typewriter ribbons, 2 typewriters and 67 litres of beer etc.) but anyway you like it, the post office surprises once you start looking at the group’s performance.

So, the figures:

  • GLS has 14,500 employees
  • Handles over 1 million parcels a day
  • Has network of 667 depots
  • 29 central transhipment points
  • 16,000 delivery vehicles
  • 1,700 long distance trucks
  • It has 220,000 customers in 34 states across Europe

Now THATS what I call a logistics business:-)

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