Why do I evangelise Apple?

dug dug Follow Sep 22, 2002 · 2 mins read
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Man I am getting sick of supporting Apple. I mean it’s one long lonely road, you know? I used to believe my box was better than the other guy’s windoze machine, but now I’m getting really bored of paying for the same thing over and over. There has to come a point were I just stop.

Nope, I don’t need an upgrade.


I went ‘pro’ (large fries with that?) by registering my copy of Quicktime three years ago. I would go out of my way to evangelize Quicktime over Realplayer, in several cases, getting QT media included in sites that were just going with Real. So I bought the ‘pro’ upgrade.

Then when I upgraded to QT4 I had to buy another license.

Same with QT5

Now, having bought two QT license off Apple (you’re welcome, S.J.) I’m looking at OSX 10.2 and the built-in Quicktime 6. I have to say, the fact that I am now supposed to buy a third, for the same product if I want the damn ‘shareware’ notice to go away? I would expect that of Bill Gates, but Apple?, why?

I keep getting punished for being an early adopter and frankly, it’s getting to me:-( I mean, to compound the Quicktime license problem, I own a once-top-of-the-range powerbook G3. And guess what, my model shipped with a dodgy DVD unit (see the class action in the making) which means I can’t boot from CDROM which means the likelihood of my successfully installing Jaguar (stupid name given to OSX10.2) is pretty much nil anyhow.


Damn it Steve, you should be sending me a copy of 10.2 with a big fat thank you note for my paying talented perl programmers to go overtime creating applications on your unfinished server OS. Why did I take the extra trouble? Why didn’t I just go with openBSD? Tell me why Steve? It’s not for Aqua, my servers don’t use monitors.

Steve, I bought OSX 10.0 beta (which felt pretty darn cheeky - I mean charge for a beta?!?) and then I bought the first proper version. I bought OSX server when it was 1.x (ie a slightly repackaged NextStep). And then, I bought it again when it went to version one. Finally, I shelled out for a copy of 10.1

What do I do now Steve? What advice should I give my customers?

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