Weapons of moderate destruction

dug dug Follow Sep 24, 2002 · 1 min read
The dossier is still available on gov.uk under a freedom of information request.



Salam’alicum, today is officially Iraq dossier day. The dossier is a document in which the Ministry of Truth Tony Blair attempts to explain to the nation why we should invade Iraq, topple the government and supervise “regime change”.

As a pleb, I understand the need for a clearly defined enemy and appreciate the difficult work the Ministry has to do to ensure that I properly understand who to hate, and to make sure I send my as yet unborn son the front. All I ask, is the answer to a few questions.

a) Since when are sovereign states only allowed to possess weapons of moderate destruction?
b) When did Tony Blair stop giving a fuck what voters of my ilk think?
c) If the Americans want to act unilaterally and aren’t ashamed of it, why do I need to support them?
d) Why isn’t anybody upset at Israel going for the final solution to the Palestinian question?
e) How can the people of Iraq be expected to think and act, if they can’t even eat or read?

Anyway, happy dossier day.

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