Guide du Routard pub Métro

dug dug Follow May 14, 2007 · 1 min read
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This photo really doesn’t do the quality of the repro or indeed the quality of the original photograph justice. It’s taken with a Nokia 6300 in the Paris Metro.

France may not be a force for innovation right now but I keep spotting print ads in the Metro that are just beautiful. There’s an ongoing campaign for the Bon Marché department store which has classic-but-mesmerising photography (and repro)… The campaigns tend to be very ‘old fashioned’ in the sense that the ads obey 1960’s ad rules (the headline and visual take on a new meaning when seen in partnership and neither repeats the other as in “think small” or “so here’s a tart on a bar” etc).

The above ad for the Guide du Routard is a case in point, the headline reads “notre guide on l’écrit avec nos pieds” which I guess would translate to “we write our guide with our feet”. No paradigms being redefined, but lovely, quiet work:-)

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