The George W. Bush Emergency Preparedness Award

dug dug Follow Sep 03, 2005 · 1 min read
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Well, I feel a whole lot better now that the White House website is covered with pictures of the sensitive couple hugging refugees…

Anyway, I was reading some knitting sites (as you do) that last one described how lots of folk are donating knitting and sending cash to the red Cross.

Sounded like a good idea, what with children bunking-up with cadavers in the heartland of freedom so I went on over to the Red Cross site and donated some dollars.

If you’re feeling the same, the place you need to go to is here:

A nice feature they have enabled is to make your donation a tribute or a memorial.

I took the liberty of making mine a tibute to the The George W. Bush Emergency Preparedness Award

Of course, I asked that the letter of confirmation be sent to:

George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

So that an impersonal, mail-opening computer can chuck it in the bin. No but seriously, maybe you’re not a sarcky liberal like me, maybe you’ve lost someone dear in a similar event or even to Katrina herself. Whatever the case, you should make your donation a tribute to something you care about and send the notice to George.

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