dug dug Follow Oct 28, 2006 · 1 min read
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Well a bunch of stuff has happened recently and I just noticed that last entry about Universal was my 1000th post! Turns out I’ve been spewing this nonsense since 2001 so now seemed like a good time for something new.

Normally, I use the blog as a platform to discuss web design, standards and so on, but recently I’ve been more interested in how the advertising industry is going to adapt to embrace the forces of value co-creation. So I guess that means I’m less fussed about the design and more fussed about the semantics, ie I don’t want to spend as much time tweaking the design, and whatever design I settle on either won’t be mine, or won’t have taken me months of effort to create.

Visitors from A List Apart can still see my positionally-based flexible layout and more recent visitors wanting to discuss the relative merits of my shufflebox design concept can still get to my first attempt at a complete shufflebox page but for everyone else, I’m going to start playing with plain old default templates and a bunch of designs taken from The Style Contest. Incidentally, if you’re an MT user wondering how to access the stylecontest templates, all you need to do is paste the url “” into the StyleCatcher window–beautifully simple:-)

Finally, as Movetype default templates don’t have a standardised template credit, here is some template link love: this blog currently using the style Kiss 82 (as in keep it simple stupid) from Oinam

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