dug dug Follow Jul 19, 2012 · 1 min read
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Went out on the Tan Tien after work yesterday and finally managed to break traction. I’m running the 86a stims (the yellow ones) but in classic newbie fashion I’m confused about the right compound to be learning to slide on. Forums aren’t much help as nobody agrees on anything

Anyways, I weigh a ton so even the hard compound of the stims is still quite sticky, I can carve pretty hard without any loss of traction.

So anyways, I’ve been heading to the park in the rain as the wet tarmac is slippier and yesterday finally managed to break the back out while pumping. The thought of carving/pumping hard at speed into a stand-up is still extremely frightening but I figure if I practise enough to learn the feel of of the back coming away I might stand a chance and be able to do some big hills some day.

So that was good and I was feeling pretty comfortable so walked to the top of the run, started carving down and chickened out in front of a bump. Never mind sliding, I still need to perfect my whipping out at speed. The stupid thing is that if I hadn’t chicken out I could have fairly easily got to the bottom of the run in one piece… Anyways, the sooner I learn speedchecks the sooner I can start to enjoy downhill:-)

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