BA and my digital lifestyle

dug dug Follow Feb 05, 2006 · 1 min read
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British Airways ad on a bus Spotted this bus heading down Golders Green Road. The picture shows an open laptop with the caption Notebook. Photo album. Jukebox. Check-in desk.

Does BA understand its target market’s digital lifestyle?

For an above-the-line ad this is pretty unusual… I guess one could interpret this one of two ways. Firstly, we understand how important your digital lifestyle is and we’d like to suggest that BA can be a part of it and this is most likely the intended message (of course, it could just mean you can now book online using your laptop).

But you could also read it the way I did, as I absentmindedly pulled up behind the bus: the BA site now offers all the integrated tools you need for your travel activity

I guess I was thinking they had grabbed the Flickr api and done something really nice with it (a club to share images along a theme - like all the BA customers flying to Barcelona for 3GSM could share there Flickr folders) and more along those lines (imaging being able to share iTunes playlists with other people on your long-haul flight)…

Anyway it was a bit of a daydream and even though it’s not gonna happen I’m still pleasantly surprised they’re now talking digerati:-)

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