Glow Audio Voice One self-assembly

dug dug Follow Oct 07, 2016 · 1 min read
Lovely red speakers
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So I’ve lusted after a Glow setup for years. Love the Glow One amp and figured I’d need a pair of the very beautiful Voice One speakers to go with. Unfortunately, they’re a bit pricey for a whim and with shipping and customs charges I never got the bottle to buy…

Until a few weeks ago that is when I noticed they didn’t have the gloss red or white in stock and had decided to offer the Voice One in a self-assembly kit for a tiny fraction of the cost. That took me over the tipping point and I now have a box of speaker parts under my desk:-)

The instruction manual

My theory was that if they were just very rich they might look out the window and see something like this

Voice One: the inside the outside

as their only chance of a happy, long-term survival unless the 63 people who own half of the world’s wealth really want to spend the next 50 years self-incarcerated in

The Voice Ones at Smith's French Polishing in Falkirk

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