More software company nonsense

dug dug Follow Oct 22, 2004 · 1 min read


A new feature has arrived on my desktop that prevents Nicki and I both using Suitcase at the same time. Until now, Suitcase ran happily in the background, managing font conflicts and opening fonts when required to do so. Great. Nice application. Problem solved.

Except now, I’m told by the support desk that to use the “fast user switching” facility in Mac OS X I need to quit Suitcase before I “fast switch” between users and relaunch it after the new user is logged in. This kinda reduces the functionality of a fast switch. If they insist on this stupid behaviour, the least they could do would be to put a “quit on fast user switch” checkbox in the preferences.

It really pisses me off, I buy software like a good boy and register and license it like I’m supposed to and then wham, upgrades mean less functionality:-(

So am off to find an alternative to Suitcase…

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