The end of window-in-a-window

dug dug Follow Oct 11, 2006 · 1 min read
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The State Of Web Development - Ajax set to surpass Flash in ‘07

Which is really good news for no hard and fast reason. Ever since I first learnt about the DOM I’ve been speccing interfaces that use its manipulation and arguing with developers over their implemnetation.

In 2000 I conceived a remote aircraft dashboard as part of an online game. The designer and coder created the whole thing (an Airbus cockpit with jillions of knobs and buttons) with sprites and JS and it worked beautifully.

I think at the time, part of the problem was finding time in the project plan to do client-side scripting. It was tough to explain to clients why we needed those extra days in the budget.

Well since the big JJG Ajax article and the flood of lovely Web2.0 thingies, it’s become a lot easier to code and also a lot easier to explain.

Now that Yahoo have released their pattern library this should get even easier. We’ve all struggled with how to describe asychronous behaviour in a boxes and arrows world, take a look at the Yahoo stuff, they’ve done a pretty good job.

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