ambient sound branding

dug dug Follow Nov 22, 2002 · 1 min read
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Ok, you know that sound that goes with the pentium 4 or intel or whatever, you know the one. Well, I thought aural branding was supposed to work by creating a familiar feeling, a bit like smell (ahh, I know this place, I’m happy here etc.) so I’m seeing the Intel We - can - do - what - apple - does advert for the millionth time and I can’t help feeling how stupid it is to interrupt the mood-setting music (is it Moby’s “We are Made Of Stars”?) to play their stupid bloody aural branding jingle&mdashand then cut straight back to the normal background track. It sounds like shit, it’s disruptive—it’s like trying to have sex with someone interrupting you every two seconds…

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Written by dug Follow
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