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dug dug Follow Feb 14, 2006 · 1 min read


Well it’s been a week now and CU-2 is eating non-stop (even makes sucking noises in his sleep, Nick’s nipples are taking a serious battering) and developing well. Last night early this morning I had a session with him and he managed to look me in the eyes. His limbs are still all folded up and we’re swaddling him, but I’m guessing (because my memory of CU-1 as a baby has been erased by her growing up…) he’ll limber up soon.

It’s funny having a cesearian baby, when he came out, his head wasn’t squashed (CU-1 came out looking like a butternut squash) and a couple of skull plates were lined up in preparation for the big squeeze. Over the last few days, the plates have settled down and he now has a perfectly formed wee head.

Another thing I’m experiencing differently to when I was caring for CU-1 is beeing peed on. I was warned about the ‘little fountain’ concept and was ready with a strategically positioned wipe when he went for it. Of course the other difference is the guy has a huge, uncut cock. His testicles are like ping pong balls! This whole boy thing is going to take a little getting used to…

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