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dug dug Follow Mar 01, 2005 · 1 min read
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Just wanted to register my surprise at the poor quality of BTOpenzone’s wi-fi offering. Apart from the just plain cryptic interface of the wi-fi start page (the page your brower is redirected to when you attempt to browse from a hot-spot) there is the unreliability of the thing.

I foolishly bought a 24-hour coupon figuring I’d use it up in my travels. So far i’ve tried to use it in two hotels and one train station. In every case I struggled to get connected and when I did finally get online the damn router rebooted every five minutes leaving me to struggle to fill in web forms before the next cycle.

Not smart.

So, I’m writing this from the Costas in Waterloo station. My wi-fi menu show BTOpenzone (tried, couldn’t connect), Eurospot and Readytosurf. In the end I’ve bought time with readytosurf.

They’ve got a sensible bit of cross-platform javascript to manage the connection timer and all the back-end redirect stuff is completely seamless. And so far, the router hasn’t cycled.

Lucky thing Costas has wooden tables…

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