Why I love being a Eurostar "Carte Blanche" traveller

dug dug Follow Jun 27, 2009 · 1 min read
Luxury jet-set international travel Eurostar style



From the Eurostar frequent traveller website

Dedicated ticket desk and express check-in

Glide through the formalities at our seamless Business Premier priority ticket desk and 10 minute check-in, again, regardless of the ticket you have.

Unless there are humans in the terminal in which case you might find yourself pushing on a door which has been remotely locked and missing your train and ending up on a strapontin because there isn’t an empty seat on the train.

There is nothing more pathetic than the hordes of lumpen business travelers desperately waving their various badges, tickets and ‘club’ memberships in a vain attempt to get The Upgrade that is their due… And yesterday, I was one of them (hangs head in shame).

Still, on the bright side, I’ve discovered that the fold-down seats on the Eurostar have more legroom that the normal seats. Might have to try this again;-)

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