Hey Dug, what’s all this porfolio stuff… (bis)

dug dug Follow Sep 27, 2004 · 1 min read
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But on a more personal, Donkey-esque note, one side-effect of trawling through your pure-play digital (actually saw this phrase today) life is coming across really old stuff that you’d forgotten ever doing.

This isn’t going to mean a lot to non-webby or hci people, but I found an old concept I did for a UK diamond dealer called Celsteel. The big idea was this—as all around us were trying to figure out how to hide frame borders in all browsers (ah, those bad old days…) I presented a layout that was ‘tabbed’ by having a nice thick frame border that was draggable cutting the page into a one-third / two-thirds grid. There were arrows and dotted lines (a bit like the arrows and tabs you have on a cut-out-and-assemble paper Lancaster bomber) on the background graphic which showed where to drag the divider to reveal the other page.

Anyway, the guy freaked and went with another designer. He’s still in business and is currently modelling the lens-flare 2004 look, so it’s probably not a bad thing he sacked me:-)

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Written by dug Follow
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