A Dangerous Commute

dug dug Follow Feb 18, 2005 · 1 min read



So yesterday, as the train was about five minutes out of Basingstoke…

[intercom:] Is there a doctor or a nurse on the train? If there is a doctor or a nurse on the train, could they report to the last carriage immediately?

…and just now, on the platform in Andover…

[intercom:] If there is a young person called Felicity Mason on the train could she please leave the train now. Felicity Mason should leave the train in Andover.

I hope yesterday’s heart attack survived and that Felicity was just held up at school.

(15:57, three stations later, another call for Felicity Mason–the guard is going to walk the train–God I have no idea who this person is but i really hope she’s all right. I can imagine her Mum waiting in Andover and slowly falling apart as she waits for news…)

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