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dug dug Follow Sep 03, 2004 · 1 min read


OK, so this post is going up courtesy of a fresh instal of MT3.1

Sure, MT3.0D was stable. Not only that, it was friendly, and Robbie and Billy had started to use it ok, so why go and make a mess of things by ‘upgrading’ (particularly since I killed the Pumpernickle scheduler and contacts app by ‘upgrading’ the mumbox to OS X Server 10.3.5–thankyou-thankyou-thankyou Chris for mending it!)

This is a bit nuts, I’ve now started installing drivers and modules using CPAN, and compilling apps from source using gcc. The Good Lord definitely didn’t have this kind of activity in mind for me at birth, but it sort of happened by necessity. The crazy thing is, you’re sitting in front of your iBook at 04:30 in your pants, sipping on a cup of coffee that went cold hours ago and has started developing dark brown rings on the edge and you’re uploading scripts, restarting Apache, getting scary error messages and whacking them into Google—hey presto! instant community: there are at least 350 other people out there (as of 17:33 and whether or not they are also in their pants has to do with their timezone) who are also digging around the innards of MT perl code and talking about it on the MT Support forum.

Anyway, I’ve just finished patching the code in one Library and two scrips (using vi) and have restarted Apache and lo, have been presented with this interface and lo, is now about to either work (by uploading this post) or generate further agro messages…

So here goes, clicking on “save” </Boring MTGeek>

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