Your ass in a polling station (today)

dug dug Follow Jun 10, 2004 · 1 min read
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Have just returned from voting.

The UK Labour party (Tony Blair’s party, currently in power) have created a whole new direction in politics. After abuses from the extreme left and the far right, Tony bring us the extreme centre.

Never has a party been so powerful, held such a large majority in parliament and behaved in such a risk-averse way. Yes it’s true, it did seem at one point that Labour was unelectable, but never has a Labour government hidden it’s own Labour achievements and credentials to the point of having nothing at all to say.

So I voted for the Greens today.

Well almost, I figured Ken (London’s incumbent mayor) needs a bit more time to complete long-term infrastructure works. I mean compare Victorian infrastructure investments with ours–we’ve simply stopped funding anything too complex to be completed in a single term. Not surprising really seeing as all the main recipients of public infrastructure funding were privatised by That Woman ** and goddammit my dad and his dad and his dad before him paid for all this shit out of their hard earned wage packet and she bloody well flogged off the lot and we were bloody stupid enough and lazy enough and politically uncommitted enough to let her get away with it…

Which makes me want to ad my two cents about Reagan (while I’m fired up). The view of the Eighties from the corner of 110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue was one of increased homelessness. From the day I moved in to the day I escaped to Europe in late 1988, there were more and more homeless men on my corner to the point of them knowing me by name.

Reagan achieved nothing but, poverty pain and greed…

So what I wanted to say, before this post got a little out of control, is that in the UK, elections can swing on tiny numbers. I you don’t vote today, you’re doing all of us a disservice. You can–you personally–make a difference, you’re vote actually matters, so get your ass to a polling station asap:-)

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