Intel Centrino (part 1)

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A search on Jiwire for Teatro Greco, Taormina, Italy reveals that there are five WIFI hotspots in town, and that the closest one to the amphitheatre is at the Grand Hotel Timeo & Villa Flora which is actually on Via Teatro Greco so presumably very close to the Theatre itself.

Discounting the fact that the Centrino advertising seems to be suggesting that a PC with a Centrino chip is ready to access WIFI hotspots–that the 802.11 hardware is somehow built into (included with) the chip, which of course it isn’t–and that it also suggests that you can use a laptop outside–which we all know to be untrue ever since we all tried to take our 1400 Powerbooks to the beach in emulation of Sandra Bullock’s character in The Net, I thought I’d get the wireless access info from the horse’s mouth and asked customer support at the WIFI access point nearest the Teatro Greco if it would be possible for me to send emails or connect to the internet while actually in the Teatro (like in the ad)…

Date: Fri 27 August 2004 15:58
Subject: Una pregunta sul accesso WIFI nel'albergo Buona Sera, Sarebbe possibile darmi informazionni a proposito del accesso WIFI in
il suo albergo? Vorro sappere si el Teatro Greco e accanto a lei? Piu precisamente, il punto di accesso WIFI che si trova nel Gran Hotel
e abastanza vicino dal Teatro Greco per usare il mio laptop nel teatro? Grazzie tante a lei (and forgive my atrocious italian), Dug . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dug falby creative director

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