Intel Centrino (part 2)

dug dug Follow Aug 29, 2004 · 1 min read
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The manager in Taormina replies:

Subject: R: Una pregunta sul accesso WIFI nel'albergo
Date: 27 August 2004 20:01:57 BST
To: Egregio Signor Falby, Il nostro Hotel dispone di un sistema WIFI ma purtroppo non è accessibile dal Teatro Greco che comunque si trova a pochissima distanza dall'albergo. Nel restare a disposizione per ulteriori chiarimenti l'occasione ci è gradita per porgere cordiali saluti. Best Regards Manlio Mul
Grand Hotel Timeo & Villa Flora
Reservation Department
Direct Fax +39 0942 625313

Which, in English basically means that you can’t really do what the ad suggests you can do (no big surprise there).

I thought big US corps like Intel were getting very law-suit-phobic and generally tried to keep their advertising claims comparatively realistic. I was also under the impression that the current marketing zeitgeist was The Honest Company, that by treating customers with respect, you built a better relationship.

In other words, I am very surprised to see advertising in August 2004 that makes claims that still need to be accompanied with lots of small type (a TV screen isn’t that big for Pete’s sake).

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